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6 Reasons: Why Choose a Saltwater System?

Guide To Choosing a Saltwater System

Pool ownership can be awesome! It can also be confusing and can cause you stress. It is full of decisions from the start…you must choose a location, a size, shape, a liner and what add-ons your family may enjoy.

However, of all the choices you make, your filtration system is one of the most important! While it is not as permanent as some of the other choices (it can be changed), it is important that you get a system that is compatible with your family’s needs as well as your budget.

The Saltwater System

One option is a saltwater system. The choice ultimately comes down to you, so lets dive into the six top benefits of owning a saltwater pool:

1. No Harmful Chemicals

There are no harmful chemicals, only salt! No chlorine to stain your liner or pose a harm to your children, nor do you have to worry about storing it. It is a simple ingredient for a beautiful pool!

2. Highly Disinfects

It disinfects. There is a science to your saltwater filter. It uses titanium plates to “charge” the salt as it comes through, converting it to a steady stream of chlorinated water. This, in turn, helps disinfect your pool. It is both effective and fascinating!

3. Easier on the Skin and Eyes

It is less invasive to sensitive swimmers. Straight chlorine cannot be tolerated by all, so saltwater pools are gentler on the skin and eyes since they have a much lower concentration of chlorine.

4. Less Maintenance

They require less maintenance. No fiddling with complicated mathematics to determine the amount of chlorine tablets to use or whether to use a floating dispenser or drop the tablets directly in the filter. Your saltwater filter takes care of everything!

5. Water is Softer

The water is softer. Saltwater pools tend to have softer water that is literally soft to the touch.

6. Less Expensive

Because there is less need for chlorine and other harsher pool chemicals it is easier on the pocketbook.

Will It Be a Saltwater System?

Don’t let this decision cause additional stress to your busy schedule.

If you are having trouble choosing what is best for you and your family, talk to one of our Precision Swimming Pool and Spas pool specialists. We can go further into the pros and cons of your options to help you make an informed decision. Either way, your new pool will be a wonderful addition to your home for many summers to come!

Do you want to get swimming sooner than later? Contact Precision Pools and Spas now to schedule a free consultation with absolutely no obligation. We also provide virtual consutations if you would prefer that over an in-person consultation.

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