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Pool Water Features


Water Features Calling You

Pool water features are a great way to add beauty, ambiance, and a sense of luxury to any pool or outdoor space. With Precision Pools and Spas, various water features can be customized, from simple fountains to more complex features like waterfalls, bubbling rocks and spa spillovers.

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Water is the Driving Force of All Nature. Go With The Flow!

Incorporating a thoughtfully curated list of pool water features can transform an ordinary pool into a luxurious oasis when creating a spellbinding and inviting pool environment.

First and foremost, a stunning waterfall cascading gently into the pool creates a soothing ambiance and enhances the overall aesthetics. Complementing this natural element, a series of elegant fountain jets shooting gracefully into the air adds an element of elegance and playfulness to the surroundings.

To elevate the pool experience further, installing LED underwater lights can bring magic to the night, illuminating the water with mesmerizing colors. For the more adventurous swimmers, a thrilling water slide provides endless joy and exhilaration.

For inspiration, we list a few water feature types.

  • Waterfalls and Grottos
  • Cascades, Sheer Descents and Rain Curtains
  • Fountains, Water Bowls and Spouting Statues
  • Bubblers, Deck Jets, Pencil Jets and Laminars
  • Scuppers and Spouts
  • Spa Spillovers

Following our comprehensive list of pool water features, creating a poolside paradise leaving guests in awe and providing countless hours of joy and relaxation can be on the horizon.

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As fountains are a classic water feature in various settings, from public parks to private gardens, that will always stay in style, have you ever considered adding fire? Combining fire with cascading water is becoming a hot trend.

This feature adds a touch of elegance and sophistication and provides gentle sounds of running water and the mesmerizing flicker of flaming fire. Intricate designs from stone, concrete, metal and other materials will create a stunning focal point in any backyard.

Imagine sitting poolside, watching a cascading waterfall from one, two, or three decorative water bowls placed on a retaining wall, pool column, or alongside the pool with a beautiful flame and stunning colored rocks. How amazing is that?

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Bubbling rocks are unique water features that can add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to a pool environment. Bubbling rocks made from a porous material like a volcanic rock that allows water to pass through and create bubbles is genuinely incredible.

In addition to bubbling rocks, bubblers shooting up from the pool’s shallow end offer an excellent ambiance and are playful for the young children who frolic in these shallow pool ends.

And remember to illuminate them with colored LED lights. So they are ready to be lit up for the 4th of July, that long-awaited birthday bash, Labor Day and other special events in your backyard.

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Spillover spas are a type of water feature that involves water cascading over the edge of the spa into the inground swimming pool. Spillovers can be designed to create a gentle flow of water or a more dramatic waterfall effect, depending on the desired result.

When choosing Precision Pools and Spas as your pool builder, you can rest assured that your spa will blend seamlessly into your pool with an easy transition from pool to the spa, not forgetting the spillway, which can be open at any size or 360 degrees.

When hiring Precision Pools and Spas, your pool water feature options are endless. Contact us to learn more about our pool services.

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