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New Pool Construction

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In the scorching heat of a Texas summer, there’s nothing more inviting than the crystal-clear waters of a pristine swimming pool, a true oasis of refreshment and relaxation.

new pool construction

Where Dreams of a Backyard Aquatic Paradise Become Reality

With a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Precision Pools and Spas has been at the forefront of pool construction services in Texas, elevating the concept of luxury outdoor living to a whole new level.

From concept to completion, our innovative company has been delivering awe-inspiring swimming pools and spas that reflect our future pool owner’s unique personalities and lifestyles.

Picture This:

An expansive backyard, previously an empty canvas, is now transformed into an aquatic masterpiece. Precision Pools and Spas’ skilled designers and architects work hand-in-hand with homeowners, bringing their visions to life with creative brilliance. We understand that every client is distinct, as are their desires for their dream pool.

Whether it’s a contemporary, sleek infinity pool that seemingly vanishes into the horizon or a tropical oasis with lush landscaping and cascading waterfalls, no idea is too extravagant for our talented team.

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What Makes Us Different

Beyond just designing beautiful pools, Precision Pools and Spas takes pride in its commitment to quality construction and premium materials. Our skilled team diligently executes the blueprints, ensuring every detail is impeccable. Using cutting-edge technology and adhering to industry-leading safety standards, they bring dreams to life with durability and finesse.

A true hallmark of Precision Pools and Spas is our eco-friendly approach to pool construction. We focus on sustainability and offer innovative solutions like energy-efficient pool pumps, solar heating options, and water-saving features, ensuring your backyard retreat is stunning and environmentally responsible.

new pool construction

Precision Pools and Spas’ services continue beyond just building pools. We specialize in creating complete outdoor living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the pools, turning your backyard into a private resort.

Imagine enjoying a delicious barbecue in the fully equipped outdoor kitchen while lounging on the comfortable patio furniture beside your elegantly lit pool.

It’s a haven where cherished moments with family and friends are created and cherished for years.

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Precision Pools and Spas have earned a reputation for their exceptional design and construction skills and unrivaled customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide our future pool owners through every step of the process, alleviating any worries or concerns.

From the initial consultation to the final touches, we ensure the entire experience is smooth and enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression beyond just the pool.

If you want to transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis, look no further than Precision Pools and Spas – where dreams dive in and emerge as aquatic realities.

new pool construction

The Process

New Pool Construction Process

We have compiled a general outline of the construction process to give you an idea as to what you can expect during construction of your new pool. Of course, each project is unique and may require additional or varied steps depending on the individual specifications of your pool. We will be continually inspecting the progress of your pool throughout its construction to assure the utmost quality. You may live within a City or Community that requires their inspectors to perform inspections as well.

Before we begin excavation, a request is placed for any and all utility companies to clearly mark lines that are located on your property. The pool will also be marked with paint and wood stakes in accordance with the plan of your custom design. If you approve of the marked layout of your pool we are ready for excavation.

Excavation is the true start of the heavy construction that will be happening. The excavation crew will remove the dirt in the pool area, in most cases using loader equipment – such as a Bobcat. The dirt is shuttled by the loader to a waiting dump truck. When the truck is full, it is emptied and comes back for more. At the same time, the excavation is taking place, crew members are installing form boards that mimic the approved layout, and the interior of your pool is hand shaped and contoured. The excavation generally takes 1 day

The plumbing and steel crews are next. The pool equipment will be set and plumbing installed in your pool. Prior to completing their task, the plumber will place all plumbing under pressure to assure integrity of the lines. Through out the construction process, the pressure on these plumbing lines will be carefully monitored. The steel crew will be installing the reinforcing steel rods. You will see what appears to be a steel cage that is created for the specific contour of your pool. The steel is securely wired together and is placed in intervals that will provide strength within the structure of your pool.

Gunite is a specialty concrete product that is pneumatically installed. The gunite is actually applied or “shot” at a minimum compressive strength of 4000 psi at 28days. The crew, prior to shooting the gunite, will take measures to protect your home and surrounding areas from any airborne debris. 24 hours after the gunite has been installed , we will ask you to assist in the curing process by applying water to your structure 2 to 3 times daily for the next 10 days. This allows the outer surface areas of the gunite to cure at a rate more consistent with the inner part or center.

It is now time for the Electrician to provide the needed connections for the lighting and pool equipment to your electrical service. All electrical work is provided by a Master Electrician, following not only manufactures guidelines, but City, State, and National Electrical Code requirements.

It is now time for the Electrician to provide the needed connections for the lighting and pool equipment to your electrical service. All electrical work is provided by a Master Electrician, following not only manufactures guidelines, but City, State, and National Electrical Code requirements.

You have many options available to you on what you want to do with the area directly surrounding your new pool. Basic brushed concrete to decorative stamped concrete, pea gravel decking to acrylic textured decking, creative design in brick paving to lush tropical landscape creation. Whether you select one option or decide on a combination, this will be the point in construction that the area outside your pool structure should be created.

The application of the interior finish of your pool is the final step of construction. During this process, the crew will apply the type of interior finish that you chose earlier at the design or selection stage. When the crew has completed this application, immediately after exiting your pool, using your garden hose they will start the pool filling with water. The interior finish cures under water so to avoid unwanted imprints or possible damage to the finish, it is very important to allow the pool to fill completely (to the middle of the tile) before entering the pool. Once your pool has filled, we will start up the circulation equipment, and provide in person instruction on the operation of your new pool and pool equipment.

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