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Under The Sun Great Ideas to Make a Pool Party Fun!

In these crazy times, pool party fun may be just what you need and it does not have to be with a large crowd. Small intimate gatherings can be just as fun.

Are you looking for an extraordinary way to jazz up this summer break with family and friends? And although you have a pool — perfect for a day of water fun — that’s just not enough.

The truth is, you’re ready to take your next pool party to a whole new level. Better yet, a whole new depth.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to make a pool party fun with a few strategies that are far from ordinary. Here are a few tips for beating the heat and wowing family and friends by going outside of the box this summer.

Let’s dive in (literally)!

Pool Party Food Ideas: Shrimp Tacos and Ice Cream Floats by the Pool

Who says shrimp tacos have to be reserved for a seaside celebration? This summer, consider throwing a pool party complete with shrimp tacos.

This is one of the best pool party food options because it’s a fast dinner that doesn’t require much cooking. Plus, it’ll add an exotic touch to your pool party.

You can easily let your guests choose their own yummy toppings to make their own dream shrimp tacos. And play some beach-themed pool party music in the background for an extra good time.

Of course, no pool party is complete without ice cream. So, be sure to incorporate a float bar into your sunny soirée. Both children and adults will enjoy guzzling down ice cream floats.

Also, for a unique twist, use flavored sodas and sparkling juices — rather than just root beer — to complete the floats.

Pool Party Activities: Create Your Own Whirlpool

Just as food is a staple of any summer pool party, you can’t have the best pool party without irresistible fame for all of the swimmers.

To bring your party to dizzy heights, why not make your guests a little — well, dizzy? You can easily do this with the game of whirlpool.

To host this game, have three to eight people swim and walk in a circle. They should move as quickly as possible to create a whirlpool in your pool’s shallow end.

Their goal should be to get this whirlpool swirling so fast that they can spin in it. Each guest should be able to experience this floating and spinning sensation for a handful of seconds.

How We Can Help You to Make a Pool Party Fun

We offer top-of-the-line swimming pool building and remodeling services. But what we offer is far from your run-of-the-mill pool services.

If you’d like to make a pool party fun and truly memorable this year, we can make your dreams come true. With our unique ideas, we can change how your landscape functions — as well as how you entertain in your outdoor space.

Simply put, we have transformed numerous backyards into private and custom paradises.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you to create a summer oasis right in your backyard with our first-rate pool services.

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