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Swimming Pools vs. Swim Spas: Pros and Cons

Swimming Pools vs. Swim Spas

So the question is swimming pools vs. swim spas?

Is it better to install a full-size backyard swimming pool, or a swim spa, also known as a mini-pool? Take a look here to see what will be the best choice for you and your lifestyle.

Swimming Pools

The benefits of a full-size backyard swimming pool are many. Backyard pools give you a private place to swim and beat the summer heat. Of course, maintenance is needed to keep the bacteria and algae at bay. But, with your own pool, you are in control of these issues, unlike the unknown of what may be brewing in a public pool. 

A backyard pool does not have to be significant in size. Nowadays, smaller backyard pools such as cocktail pools, spools and plunge pools are growing in popularity.

With all of these different types of swimming pools, full-size, cocktail, spool and plunge, you can reap all the benefits alone and with family and friends. Your swimming pool is a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work or a place to decorate, light up and get the party going. Aren’t fun get-togethers and gatherings for family and friends just the best?

So now that we have discussed the relaxation and fun a swimming pool can bring, what about a pool for those that is an easily accessible place to maintain their physical (and even mental) health?

But before we move on discussing pools for exercise, be sure to click here for a complete list of benefits associated with owning a full-size backyard swimming pool.

Swim Spas

Now, what about a swim spa? Swim spas provide nearly all of the benefits of traditional pools, including exercise opportunities and having a private place to take a dip. In fact, some might say that swim spas provide a better fitness experience thanks to their powerful propulsion jets that let you swim straight ahead for as long you’d like, without ever having to stop to turn around.

Moreover, with some swim spas, you benefit from massaging hot water jets that come with hot tubs and Jacuzzis. The compact design of typical swim spas also allows for easier installation and maintenance than does a traditional swimming pool. Plus, because you can install them nearly anywhere on your property (even under a shelter), you could use your swim spa on rainy or snowy days, which might be appealing to some.

Click here for a comprehensive list of benefits of owning a swim spa.

Regardless of your choice, swimming pools vs. swim spas, you really can’t go wrong with either however it’s essential to consider your lifestyle, needs and backyard layout. That is where the pool builder team at Precision Pools & Spas can help. Let us help you incorporate your lifestyle into your decision and start building the perfect pool that is right for you and, of course, your budget. 

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