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Newest and Trendiest Swimming Pool Lights for 2022

Swimming Pool Lights for 2022

In this article, we discuss the types of swimming pool lights for 2022 and which can offer the most.

With swimming being the 4th most popular outdoor activity in the U.S. it’s no wonder that people want to dive in even after the sun goes down. 

The only problem is that pools can be unsafe when not properly lit. 

Luckily, there are easy ways to make your pool safe, functional, and attractive under the moon.

Follow this guide to add the right pool lights for 2022 to keep the fun going well into the night. 

Types of Pool Lights

The first thing to consider is the various types of pool lighting. Start with the basics and decide between LED, halogen, or incandescent lights. 

If you have an older pool with prebuilt lights then you most likely have incandescent bulbs, a typical filament electric light used in your home for over a century.

Incandescents used to be the cheapest pool lighting, however, they have to be changed in less than a year.

Halogen became popular because it uses less energy and lasts longer than incandescent. They also come in smaller sizes but produce more heat to shine like a larger bulb.

Both of these styles create a yellowish hue in the water and are more expensive than LED.

That is why the most popular bulb for newer pools is LED. They don’t use as much energy, are bright, and can easily change color.

If you are getting a pool installed or changing out your current halogen or incandescent bulbs then LED might be your best option.

Choosing a Color and a Style

When it comes to pool light ideas your next options will be color and style.

A white LED light might be the clearest choice and the safest if you have small children. However, you can get more festive and funky.

LED lights have 5 standard colors that can be programmed for 7 different light shows and 101 color variations. So, you can choose the right shade for your desired mood and ambiance.

Size, material, and overall style of lighting will also play a part in your design. Choose the appropriate light to highlight a water feature, light up a walkway, or brighten the entire length of the pool.

Location, Location

Now that know all the various lights for pools it’s time to find them a home.

Pick sections of your pool that need the most lighting. The stairs and ladders as well as any slides or diving boards should have a light. 

Also, lights can make water features more prominent.

Inside your pool is an obvious location, but you may also want to consider your patio, pathways, and surrounding areas like your garden and fence.

Control Panel

Backyard pools are best when you have complete control of them. Be sure to think about a control panel where you can turn on your lights and adjust their settings while monitoring your pool’s maintenance. 

Finding and Installing Your Pool Lights for 2022

Pool lights for 2022 aren’t like any other lighting options. The technical advances they have made are incredible. Choosing the best ones will be water-resistant, low heat, energy-efficient, bright and beautiful. 

Make sure you hire a reputable company to get the right pool lights for 2022 and the expert assistance you need.

Contact Precision Pools & Spas to talk about your pool lights for 2022. Wouldn’t you love to have a new incredible custom pool in your backyard for the new year of 2022? We can certainly make it happen. We service the entire Houston area along with the many counties surrounding and beyond.

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