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Swimming Pool Depth Recommendations & Why

Recommendations For Swimming Pool Depth

When buying a pool, many often wonder how deep the pool should be. Pool depth is an essential element to know before building your swimming pool. It is significant for many reasons. The two main reasons to consider highly are what you will use the pool for and the added features.

Will you use the pool for swimming games such as volleyball and basketball? Will you have a diving board? Diving boards require deeper pools to keep the pool jumpers safe.

As there are many reasons beyond the two listed above when deciding on your pool depth, we discuss a few pool depth recommendations to consider when making a decision:

How Deep Does a Pool Have to Be to Jump in?

When determining how deep your pool should be, think about whether or not you have any plans for installing diving boards. Diving boards require pools with a depth of at least 8-10 feet for safety reasons.

For teens that are pool jumpers, it’s vital to consider their size and note that it is not safe for them to jump into 4 feet of water.

Pool Depth for Cannonballs vs. Swimming Laps

As mentioned earlier, the depth of a pool plays a significant role in how you’ll use it. For example, if you plan on doing cannonballs to see who makes the biggest splash, then having a deeper pool (at least 8 feet deep) would be ideal.

This allows you to enjoy your activities without worrying about hitting the bottom of the pool. However, if you plan on using the pool primarily for fitness like aerobics and swimming laps, it is recommended that your pool be no more than 5 feet deep.

Pools 8+ feet deep can be ideal for diving and jumping, but swimming laps require 5 feet of depth to be comfortable for adults to swim. Little children can get their swimming lessons and laps done in a much shallower pool depth. 

Pool Slope from Shallow to Deep

Another factor to consider when determining how deep your pool should be is the slope of your pool. A shallow end and a deep end have many benefits. The shallow end can be used for lounge chairs and for small children to play. Then in the deeper end, older children and adults can have fun.

Typically the classic pool with a slope begins with a shallow end of about 3.5 feet, then slowly slopes down to 5 feet or more. However, if you want to add lounge chairs and have tiny children, a tanning ledge of 6 inches to 2 feet is an option for the shallow end.

How Deep of a Pool Should I Get?

When deciding your pool’s depth, try not to look into how deep you want it to be but rather how deep it needs to be for your individual needs.

  • If you have small children, a shallow end of 3.5 feet or less is best.
  • The pool depth should be between 4 to 6 feet if you entertain a lot, allowing for pool games and fun.
  • For adults to unwind and relax on lounge chairs, consider a tanning ledge in the pool’s shallow end, which is generally 6 inches to 2 feet.
  • Pools with diving boards or diving rocks should be 8 to 10 feet.
  • For those into fitness and swimming laps, 4 to 5 feet is best.

Customize Your Swimming Pool Depth Today

So let us get started and help you customize your new inground swimming pool with a depth that works best for you. Contact Precision Pools & Spas to get started.

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