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5 Sustainable Swimming Pool Ideas

Sustainable Swimming Pool Ideas

First, let us start by asking you, “do you know what a sustainable swimming pool is?” It is similar to an eco-friendly pool, using less energy and chemicals by providing a more natural way to use it while keeping costs down.

After the cost of the installation for an inground custom swimming pool, there are undoubtedly ongoing maintenance costs. Depending on the usage including heating equipment, the yearly maintenance cost could be as high as $4,000 a year to keep a $28,000 pool in tip-top shape. The utility bills to keep a pump running comes at a cost.

However, experts are looking at ways to make sustainable swimming pools a reality. From integrating solar power to water-neutral pools, eco-friendly pools are no longer small ponds in your backyard but beautiful backyard oases.  

How Do You Make a Swimming Pool Sustainable?

The following article will discuss some practical, sustainable pool ideas that won’t break your budget.

Sun Power

One of the most cost-effective ways to balance out the power requirements of your pool is to have the sun generate your electricity.

Since many pools are already in a sunny area, solar panels for the roof of the poolside cabana or tiki bar are a great way to add some shade and power your pump and filter. 

Saltwater Pools

While they are still functionally chlorine-based systems, saltwater pools use electrolysis, not hand-added chemicals, to keep your pool water clear. 

These systems are more expensive to set up, but people say they use less chlorine because the saltwater generator monitors the pool’s chemical levels. The saltwater generator turns on when more chlorine needs to be added. 

These systems cost less in supplies each month but may use more electricity than conventional pools. That’s why many people pair them with solar power to reduce their electricity costs.

Natural Swimming Pools

Want to get more natural? Try using plants and other features to filter and maintain clear, refreshing water without using any chemicals. For example, a natural pool is made from gravel and clay, not fiberglass.

Next, aquatic plants, even some fish, are stationed along the sides and in the pool to filter the water. Finally, of course, an area is kept free for swimming. Often, the effect of a natural swimming pool marries nature with modern design.  

Pool Robot

One way to make your pool more sustainable is through regular daily cleaning with a pool robot. These low-energy machines crawl the bottoms of your pool, filtering algae and debris. The devices use only about as much power as a lightbulb, and while they are churning through the water, you don’t have to run your pump or filter. 

These robots not only keep your pool clean but will cut down on your energy bills. 

Othe Eco-Friendly Options

Two other popular filtration systems also help the environment and are ecologically friendly. Moss-filtered pool systems and ozone water systems use natural elements to keep the water clear and free of harmful contaminants. 

However, these systems can be expensive to set up and may take some time to get the hang of. 

For a Sustainable Swimming Pool Call an Expert

The best way to determine how you can benefit from a sustainable swimming pool is to contact an expert for an evaluation. Have in mind your budget, how much time you want to spend on maintenance, and how much you are willing to pay to keep the pool functional every month.

A professional, sustainable swimming pool installer will then help you determine the best eco-friendly setup for your home.

Are you ready to dive into a sustainable pool? Contact us today to speak to one of our certified pool professionals. 

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