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Stunning In-ground Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas

Your swimming pool is more than just a place to cool off. It’s an area for entertaining and gathering with family and friends. And what better way to highlight your outdoor space than with stunning pool lighting ideas?

Pool lights allow you to swim and entertain all night long. They also create ambiance and promote safe swimming.

Need some help choosing the best swimming pool LED lighting for your space? We’re here to help!

Grab your towel and let’s take a look at some awesome pool lighting ideas and how they can liven up your pool deck and social life!

5 Common Types of Pool Lighting

Your pool lighting options are endless.

From lights underneath the water to accents around the pool and even hanging lights overhead, it’s all about the type of atmosphere you want to create.

Here are the five most common types of pool lighting and how to incorporate them into your design.

Flush Mounted

Flush mounted lights are found inside your pool, underneath the water. They’re usually placed on either end of the pool or on both ends for extra illumination. 

These light fixtures are flat (or flush) against the wall, which means they don’t protrude like other pool lighting options. This makes them more durable and convenient for those with high-traffic pools filled with plenty of activity.

Flush mount is a popular swimming pool LED lighting choice since they are more energy-efficient than their halogen counterparts. The best part is, you can choose a variety of colors and patterns to highlight different areas of your pool, including the spa.


Similar to flush-mounted lights, surface pool lights are also underwater but do protrude from the edge. These are a good option when trying to retrofit a pool

Surface lights also allow you to create an ambiance using different colors. Try illuminating your pool based on the current holiday or to compliment your party theme. 

Kids have a blast mixing things up with flashing and fading color light options.


Floating lights are the epitome of ambiance. Available in a variety of design options including Lilly pads, lanterns, and globes.

This pool lighting option is perfect for entertaining. The lights float along the surface of the pool, helping add character and charm to your pool deck. 

When it’s time to swim, remove these pool lights to prevent injury or damage.

Want in-ground swimming pool lights you don’t have to worry about? Try hanging string lights above the pool. This is ideal if you have a screened-in lanai or overhanging trees.

Feature Lighting

Does your pool have a water feature as the focal point? Use pool lighting to highlight your waterfall, fountain, or other awesome pool addition.

Try aiming the light at the water feature to create a dancing effect across the water. You can install lights below or behind your water feature or in nearby trees and other structures.

If you plan to use your pool lighting for entertainment only, try lining the outer edge of the pool with lanterns. This gives your outdoor space an elegant, magical feel.

Flood Lights

If you want to light your pool from the outside, floodlights are the way to go! You can easily add them to nearby bushes, trees, and structures to shine down on the pool.

Dimmers help you create a more elegant, moonlit feel. Floodlights are also a great addition to lighting up the entire pool deck. This prevents injury and helps everyone get safely to and from the pool at night. 

Build the Pool of Your Dreams

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