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Sand Pools; Bringing the Beach To Your Backyard

Bring The Beach to Your Backyard with a Sand Pool.

Have you ever heard of sand pools?

Do you love the beach and just cannot get enough of it. Whether you are sunning in the sand or riding the waves, who doesn’t love a beautiful blue waters ocean?

Are you finding it harder to get to one, that favorite resort you have not been to in a while, and it seems like it will be forever when you go again? After all, this pandemic we are all going through has put a damper on all of our lives.

Well, in this article we would like to show you how you can bring that beautiful beach to your backyard. That long-awaited beach vacation can be at your doorstep.

Can You Make a Pool with Sand?

So, can you make a pool with sand?

Sand pools can be made with actual sand and also made to look and feel like sand.

The sand pools we discuss here have all the benefits of the ambiance of the beach; however, these pools come with the incredible feel of the beach, but without the actual sand loose particles. But keep in mind if you still want a sand pool with sand throughout the entire bottom that can always be created as well.

Are you starting from scratch with a new custom inground pool or wish to renovate an existing one? No worries, a sand pool is possible to create for both scenarios.

How Do You Build a Sand Pool?

Sand Pools Without the Sand

Sand pools are beach-like entry pools. The entry is built with a sloped zero-depth entry with a proprietary concrete blend covered with compacted sand to create a sand-like textured surface. I am sure you are thinking, “where does the sand go? “Doesn’t it go all into my pool’s water?” Actually, it does not. There are no loose sand particles which is great, and it still provides all of the aesthetics of a beach. After you add the extra incredible resort-like features, voila, there you have it, a beach in your very own backyard.

Sand Pools Extra Perks

Choosing your own depth of entry is not a problem, and there is no need for a ladder or steps in this section of the swimming pool because the entrance to the pool is at ground level, which gradually goes into the deeper end of the pool just as an ocean does.

The flatter the slope, the easier it is for smaller children to play and adults to sunbathe and read a book in their favorite lounge chair.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Sand Pool?

As with any pool construction, the cost depends on many different elements and components added to the pool. How much a sand pool costs depends on the size and shape of the pool and, of course, any additional water or fire features you may add. When determining the cost of a sand pool it is best to contact a pool builder to get an estimate, since prices can vary among the different states.

A sand pool with a concrete blend and sand mixture will be of a different cost vs. a sand pool with an entire sand bottom. As the initial cost will vary, the maintenance to upkeep the pool will as well. A pool with a sand particle bottom will require more maintenance; therefore, the cost to maintain it will be higher.

Learn More About Sand Pools

Can we help you whether or not a sand pool is right for you? We would love to! Contact our pool builder company at Precision Pools & Spas here. We can provide you with a free quote and tell you all about us to give you peace of mind. We know how overwhelming a pool construction project can make a person feel, and we are here to ease that stress and make this an exciting time.

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