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Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine

5 Reasons: Why Consider a Salt Water Pool Vs Chlorine for Your Texas Pool

As the residents and business owners in Texas are trying to move on from the winter snowstorm of 2121 that occurred mid-February and, according to the state health department’s latest data, caused approximately 57 deaths. The storm caused large parts of Texas to fall into sub-freezing temperatures, which contributed to states’ electricity infrastructure failing, resulting in massive power outages.

We hope homeowners are now able to move forward. We know that one of the best ways to get out of your winter blues is to start planning on either building a new custom pool or getting your existing pool ready and in optimum condition to start swimming.

But before we tell you what you can do to update your existing pool or what to consider when having a new custom pool built, we would like to tell you a bit of trivia, which is always fun. Did you know Texas is one of the top ten pool-loving states? This may not surprise you since Texas can get pretty hot.

So now, let’s get to the point of the article, “why to consider a salt water pool vs. chlorine for your Texas pool?”

1. Safety

Did you know that injuries from pool chemicals cause over 4,500 visits to the emergency room each year?

More than half of these injuries come from handling pool chemicals. It’s hard to imagine, but children have been found swallowing chlorine tablets.

Having a saltwater pool will be overall safer. A saltwater generator uses electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine. Depending on whether you choose the system to shock the pool or still use chlorine liquid or powder to shock periodically, the chance of injury when handling chlorine will be much less or even none.

2. Less Maintenance 

Do you know of a pool owner that loves to do the daily or weekly maintenance to their pool? While there may be a few, many pool owners would rather sit back, relax and enjoy while experiencing less stress and wasted time maintaining their swimming pool.

One of the primary and best benefits of saltwater pools is low maintenance as compared to chlorine pools.

The salt system generator can be set to maintain the appropriate level of chlorine in the pool. Remember, as we stated earlier in this article, after the pool salt is added to your pool, the generator will convert it to chlorine. So, set the system, check it once in a while, add more salt when needed. You should be good.

Chlorine pools need to be checked for chlorine levels continuously. They need to have continuous daily, weekly treatments and shock, which will depend on the weather.

It is also vital to store these chlorine chemicals in the proper conditions and in a safe place where children and pets cannot get to them.

A saltwater pool will enable you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying and less time with upkeep.

3. Water Quality 

Are you tired of finally finding the perfect bathing suit that looks great on you, only to find after you spend time in the water of your pool the suit begins to fade? Does your hair turn color and your eyes get red? Does your skin feel dry?

Chlorine can affect our bathing suits, skin, hair and eyes. If you have allergies or asthma, chlorine can also increase your symptoms.

Say “hello” to your new saltwater pool and reap the great benefits: no more fading bathing suits, green hair, dry skin and red eyes.

The water in saltwater pools is gentler, making your skin feel softer, your eyes feel great and better for your overall health.

4. Lower Cost

When we start to talk about cost, there is a difference. Keep reading to see how the saltwater pool is a better investment in the long run.

The main difference in cost between a saltwater pool vs. a chlorine pool is the startup vs. maintenance cost.

Saltwater pools have a higher initial cost to purchase the generator but, over time, will cost less. The year-to-year cost for saltwater pool maintenance is around $50-100. Chlorine pools cost between $300-800 a year.

On average warmer climates like in Texas typically need more chlorine. So as a Texas homeowner during hot Texas summers, you’ll appreciate the reduced cost of a saltwater pool.

5. Smell

Have you ever been to a town pool, a neighbor’s pool or perhaps in your own pool and experienced the strong smell of chlorine? Nobody likes that nose-burning smell. 

Many hotels and cruise ships are now switching to saltwater pools because of the pleasant feel, gentle water and never the need to worry about vacationers complaining about the strong chlorine odor in the swimming pool’s water.

While considering a salt water pool vs. chlorine, do not compare the saltwater pool to the ocean. The salt content is low enough that it won’t smell and taste like the ocean waters. 

Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine: The Bottom Line 

Imagine floating off the coast of a beautiful Caribbean island, where there is no toxic chlorine smell or burning eyes from harsh chemicals. Wouldn’t that be great!

Opt for a salt water pool vs. chlorine, and you can bring a taste of the beach to your very own backyard. It provides a safer backyard pool environment, less maintenance, softer skin, beautiful eyes and hair, and no potential strong chlorine odor.

So let’s get started; contact Precision Pools & Spas to discuss a salt water pool vs. chlorine in more detail. This may be one of your best decisions regarding your existing pool or constructing a new custom inground swimming pool.

Ready to upgrade your existing Texas pool or build a new custom inground pool? Contact Precision Pools & Spas today!

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