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Pool Salt Chlorination, Saving The Environment & Your Pocket

How do you help save the environment AND keep more money in your pocket when it comes to your swimming pool?

Well, what would you say if your pool could automatically sanitize and balance itself?

Using the proper Salt Chlorination System in your swimming pool will keep a few bucks in your pocket and save Mother Nature at the same time.

If you use conventional methods for swimming pool maintenance, costs can add up quickly. Freshwater pools need to have the water testing weekly, and chlorine added regularly for sanitary pool conditions to prevent algae. Chlorine is expensive and can be harsh on the skin. Most traditional pools also require significant amounts of time to maintain the proper chlorine level and chemical balance.

If you automate your pool with a chlorinating salt system, your swimming pool’s maintenance issues will disappear. A chlorinating salt system immediately reduces costs because your chemically produced chlorine usage is zero. A chlorinating salt system will also help to make the pool water feel good on your skin.

Salt Water Pool Benefits

Unlike chlorine, salt doesn’t evaporate, which equals immediate savings. The constant addition of chemicals to your swimming pool is a thing of the past. The mixing, measuring, and hassling with harsh chlorine again will no longer be needed, and you won’t be spending endless hours maintaining your pool. Itchy skin, strong chemical odors, faded bathing suits, and red eyes will be gone forever.

Salt Water Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

Technically speaking, a saltwater pool is a chlorine pool. Saltwater pools use salt water generators (or chlorinators) to convert salt into chlorine. Most saltwater pools have many water quality and maintenance benefits. Chlorine pools, however, are a less expensive investment and can work with all types of pool equipment.

Let’s compare:

Chlorine Pools


  • Add chlorine via floater or by adding directly
  • Will work with all pool types and equipment
  • Inexpensive initial start-up


  • Weekly or daily additions of chlorine necessary
  • Frequent purchases of chlorine
  • Pool tablets and pool shock contain chemical by-products, negatively impacting pool chemistry
  • Chemical levels are prone to fluctuate drastically, dependent upon attention given to your pool

Salt Water Pools


  • Easy, automated maintenance
  • No chemical by-products
  • Consistent chlorine level, fewer algae growths
  • Soft water that won’t irritate skin or eyes


  • Larger initial investment
  • Not optimal for use with some pool equipment (Salt corrodes metals)
  • Clean or replace your salt cell, depending on usage.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine Pool Costs

Costs of Salt Water and Chlorine Pool systems vary greatly, depending on particulars. Please contact Precision Pools & Spas for additional information regarding your swimming pool.

Items to consider:

Chlorine Pool Costs

Initial Costs:

  • Small routine expenses, no one-time, big purchase needed

Recurring Costs:

  • Constant chlorine purchases as well as other products to maintain water chemistry.

Salt Water Pool Costs

Initial Costs:

  • Expensive initial investment

Recurring Costs:

  • Replacement of pool equipment (including salt cell, approx. $200-$700)

An automatic chlorinating system is a perfect choice for easier maintenance and lower costs. Need help learning more about installing a pool salt chlorination system? contact Precision Pools & Spas today!

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