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Why a Pool Automation System is a Great Benefit

One of the biggest concerns many people have when considering having a swimming pool installed is the time needed to maintain them. Thanks to today’s pool automation systems, homeowners have everything they need to maintain a clean, comfortable pool.

Why a Pool Automation System is a Great Benefit

Many pool owners are concerned that they will have to spend more time maintaining their new pool than they anticipated. This may be true. However, there are many things you can do to make your life easier when you own a pool.

This article will detail why a pool automation system is a key to keeping a well-maintained swimming pool.

Is Pool Automation Necessary?

Pool automation isn’t strictly necessary, although it’s often not a bad idea. It can make pool maintenance easier, especially if you’re more of a time-strapped pool owner. It also gives you the convenience of remote pool control which is great when you will be away from home and are concerned about maintaining your inground swimming pool, its’s cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

What Does Pool Automation Do?

A pool automation system enables your pool’s equipment to be connected via wifi to one central hub, which can be controlled remotely. You can control those features from your phone by using the system’s corresponding mobile app. Many automation systems are also compatible with Google or other smart home devices.

How Do You Automate a Swimming Pool?

An automation system can be used to control almost any equipment, from lights to pumps to heaters, so that the mood in your backyard can be set as soon as you arrive home.

When you automate pool maintenance, you’ll find keeping your pool clean is a much easier chore as well. Below are just a few ways you can automate your swimming pool:

  • Control your pool’s flow of water or turn on or off your pump with automated scheduling
  • Set the mood by adjusting the intensity and color of your swimming pool lights remotely.
  • Adjust temperature; a connected pool heater will allow you to heat up your pool or spa so it’s ready to jump in when you get home
  • With automation of the chlorine output, pool owners can program their chlorinators to add chlorine automatically at the desired level.
  • Many features can be turned on or off with pool automation. Laminar jets are water streams that move from one part of the pool to another, without mixing with the pool water. Fountains and waterfalls are similar to laminar jets, but the water moves with the force of gravity. All of these can be controlled remotely with the right pool automation system in place.

Pool Automation with Precision Pools and Spas

Our workmanship and quality of materials are unmatched on the market, so we guarantee the quality of all work we do. Our warranty station enables us to meet all maintenance and repair needs for Hayward pool equipment.

If you’re looking for pool automation systems, Precision Pools and Spas can help. Contact us today and let our experts design the backyard resort of your dreams including all of the greatest of benefits that inground swimming pools can offer.

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