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New Pool Ownership for Dummies

The Complete Guide to New Pool Ownership for Dummies

Weather forecasters are already predicting Texas will be hotter than normal this summer. Mid-July to mid-August might be the hottest period but September is set to be a scorcher as well.

This just might be the year to install a pool! Pools are a great way to combat the Texas heat. They also provide a fun setting to spend time with family and friends.

But when you’re new to pool ownership, thinking about what lies ahead can be daunting. One of your main questions might be What do you need as a first-time pool owner? Read on to learn about some new pool owner must-haves. These can help make pool ownership less intimidating. 

What Do You Need as a First-Time Pool Owner?

There are several steps involved before installing a pool. The choices you make before installation can impact your experience as a pool owner. 

There are many types of swimming pools you can choose from. Each will vary in cost. So you’ll need to decide on a budget. 

You should also have a general idea of the design you want and the added features you’d like to have. An experienced pool company will be able to guide you based on your outdoor space.

They can then give you a realistic cost for the project. You’ll also need to factor in a pool maintenance budget. 

New Pool Owner Must-Haves

Your swimming pool maintenance routine may not be a smooth one at first. But having the following items might help:

Cleaning Equipment

This should include a pool brush, skimmer net, and telescopic pole. You’ll also need chlorine tablets and a hose with a vacuum head.

Pool Test Kit

Various pool kits allow you to test the chlorine, Ph, and salt levels, in your water. (Salt is tested when you have a saltwater pool) In addition, these pool test kits can include reagents that will enable you to test for other components as well. 

Safety Features

These are especially important if there will be young kids using and/or around the pool. It could include a pool cover, pool enclosure, or an alarm system.


A pool requires an extensive range of chemicals. Your safety measures should extend to these too. Ensure you have an appropriate, secure storage area for them.

Don’t let the list overwhelm you. Using smart pool technology can make maintenance easier. It’s best to have this set up when you have your pool built. This can include: 

  • An automated self-cleaner
  • A smart pump
  • A smart salt chlorinator

You can also automate the heating and lighting features of your pool. Less work means more time enjoying your pool with family and friends.

What to Remember When You’re New to Pool Ownership

It’s important to keep your pool well-maintained. But safety should be your number one priority. Always enforce safety standards whether with family or friends.

If you have children, talk to them about pool safety hazards. Set ground rules and ensure they’re followed. 

Review the terms of your homeowners’ insurance policy as it pertains to the addition of a pool in your home. Have it revised, if necessary.

Set up an emergency fund to assist with any unexpected expenses. Having all these in place should give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your new investment.

Pool Ownership Made Easier

A pool is a great way to escape the Texas heat. It also provides a great setting to spend time with family and friends. But pool ownership requires a significant investment and commitment.

However, you get great returns as it increases the value of your home. Once you have your pool installed- What do you need as a first-time pool owner?

It’s simple. If you’re new to pool ownership, remember the new pool owner must-haves mentioned above. But don’t forget to start right. 

Find an experienced pool builder like Precision Pools & Spas to give you the pool of your dreams. They’ve been doing it for Texas homeowners for years. Contact Precision Pools & Spas to get started!

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