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How To Throw The Best Labor Day Pool Party

Throw the Best Labor Day Pool Party This Year

The end of summer is synonymous with one thing: pool parties. So whether you prefer to chill in the water or on land, many of us will be spending Labor Day lounging poolside.

Luckily, this is an ideal time to host a get-together. 

Follow these tips to ensure your Labor Day pool party bash is nothing short of epic.

Labor Day Pool Party Plan Ahead

One of the critical components of a successful pool party is planning. Sure, if you always have parties, you can throw together a get-together in minutes, but by planning ahead, you can concentrate more on detail, especially if it’s a themed party. 

So, first, let’s start with a Labor Day theme.

Pick a Theme

We all know wearing white is left for the summer, so what better time to say goodbye to summer than with a “white party.” Have your guests wear white and try to keep the decorations white as well.

Another idea is to make the Labor Day party a traditional All-American BBQ with red, white and blue decor. But, again, have your guests dress the part. Decorate in these colors and serve the best burgers, dogs, and ribs in town.

Last but not least, how about throwing a Labor Day clam bake. Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? It is a fun tradition in the midwest states. Get the grill going, boil or bake a variety of seafood, and you are on your way to a fabulous clam bake Labor Day party.

Continuing To Plan Ahead

Now that the theme is set, it’s time to consider how many guests to invite, the time, the menu and of course, the music. 

Invite Your Favorite People

Labor Day pool parties are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with friends and family. For example, you could host a get-together that only includes the people you see most often but also those who you rarely see but want to reconnect with.

In addition to inviting friends and family, consider including some people you have not seen in a long while. Whether it’s a colleague or a friend of a friend, adding a mix of people can add some variety to the party.

Check out some ideas for fun Labor Day party invites. So, start building your list and enjoy.

The Food and Setup

After the list fina and you know the number of people and ages coming, it’s time to start planning the food, including appetizers, dinner, dessert and drinks. One of the most critical aspects of planning a party is the food. Of course, the decorations and the drinks are essential, but everyone loves great food.

Will you be the chef, or will you have it catered? Either way, create your menu, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare and serve it.

In addition to planning, don’t forget to plan how you will serve the food. For example, if you plan on hiring servers, ask for recommendations. A slow, uninterested server can be pretty annoying and frustrating. And can put you to work, which you were trying to avoid.

Next, design your counter and table setup where the appetizers, dinner, beverages and dessert will be. Finally, ensure a cooler for ice and those great cocktails.

How About the Beverages

Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun with your friends and family, but keeping it in check is also essential. Drinking at any time can be a great way to unwind but can also lead to dangerous situations, especially when played carelessly.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, ensure you serve it responsibly.

If you have children and teens under the drinking age, make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks, You can even make them and serve them in a similar container to your sangria. What about a nice punch bowl? The kids would love that. If you are hand serving, consider adding some sugar and spice to the rim of the glass. These ideas can be done for adults who will be drinking cocktails with alcohol and those under the drinking age who will not.

The Dessert

Most of us love a delicious dessert to top off our meal, especially at a Labor Day party. There are so many great options; we cannot list them all, so we have chosen a few.

First, do you have a fire pit? S’mores are a fun dessert that will go with any theme and is always a hit. Break one graham cracker in half, insert a piece of chocolate in between, add a marshmallow to the end of a stick and hold it over the fire until it is slightly brown and roasted. Then put the marshmallow between the graham crackers and chocolate, and you have a wonderful treat. To keep it simple, toast marshmallows; everyone loves that.

As for other types of desserts, let your imagination run wild, or you can make the classic All-American red, white and blue desserts using whip creme, strawberries and blueberries.

Last But Not Least, the Music

Who does not love a party without good music? Whether you want low-keyed soft music or loud tunes, there are all types of music for everyone. If you do not have a fancy sound system set up, add a wireless audio adaptor, and you can control the music from your phone or tablet. If you have an Alexa, you can connect it to the amplifier and manage it through the Alexa app. Click here for backyard sound tips.

Throwing a Labor Day Pool Party

Labor Day parties are a great way to celebrate summer while reconnecting with old friends and family. However, hosting a pool party can be stressful, so ensuring you have everything ready to go is essential.

Do you have a pool? Before hosting a pool party, you will need one. Can we help you with that? Of course, we can. Contact your leading Texas pool builder, Precision and Pool Sport, to learn more about our pool-building services.

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