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Guide To a Pet-Friendly Pool

Complete Guide To a Pet-Friendly Pool

When the hot weather comes, there are few better things than being able to cool down with a refreshing dip in a pool. Home swimming pools offer plenty of fun, but can also be a source of worry for people with pets. While dogs and cats are often good swimmers (and cats typically shy away from water), a pet-friendly pool can bring peace of mind.

How Can I Make My Pool Pet-Friendly?

Whether you want to let your pet splash about in the pool or whether you’d prefer to keep your pool a human-only zone, there are several ways that you can make your pool more pet-friendly.

Consider the Type of Pool

If you haven’t already installed a pool yet, thinking about the design and materials is important if you have pets. Indeed, many people search for what type of inground pool is best for dogs. 

Gunite pools are strong and durable enough for pets to enjoy without fear of damage. They have the added advantage of being completely customizable, allowing you to add pet-friendly features like ledges and steps.  

Incorporate a Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges are ideal for dogs who love to be in the pool. The raised height means your pet can relax and cool down without needing to go into deeper water.

Have a Fence

Surrounding your pool with a relatively high fence will keep dogs of most sizes away from the water. Make sure that there are no gaps at the bottom that your pooch can squeeze through. Fences won’t, however, deter felines as cats can still climb over.

Use a Cover

Covering your pool when not in use will keep any animals out of the water. Make sure that any cover is tight fitting, though, to prevent pets from climbing underneath and potentially becoming stuck.

Get a Pet Ramp

If your pet is likely to go into the water, whether with permission or not, it’s a good idea to install a pet ramp or ladder if your pool doesn’t have a beach-style gradient entry or steps. This allows them to climb out of the pool easier, especially when they are heavier because of wet fur.

Install a Pool Alarm

Pool alarms can add an extra layer of security to your pool. They detect disturbance of the water and send an alert. Although not foolproof, an alarm can be a useful tool in making your pool more pet-friendly.

What Else Can I Do to Keep My Pet Safe around the Pool?

Dogs and cats should always be supervised when allowed to use a pool. You should also never let your dog in your yard unintended if they can access the pool, even if they have never shown interest in the water previously. Cats can be more difficult to monitor when outdoors, but you should keep an eye on the water as much as possible.

If your pet enjoys going in the water but doesn’t have terrific swimming skills, make sure they learn to swim well before being allowed access. You could also consider investing in pet life jackets.

Keep a bowl of fresh, clean drinking water in a shaded spot of your yard to prevent animals from going to the pool in search of a drink. Not only could they fall in accidentally, but drinking pool water is not healthy for your pets.

Remove toys and other temptations from the pool area when not in use.

How Do You Make Pool Water Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Many people use chlorine in their pools to keep them clean and germ-free. Chlorine can irritate a pet’s skin and eyes, depending on the chlorine concentration, the length of time spent in the water and the individual animal’s sensitivity levels.

Chlorine is, though, generally considered to be one of the most pet-friendly pool chemicals. It can help to rinse pets with fresh water after a swim if they are sensitive to chemicals in your pool. Always dry their ears too after a dip to reduce the chances of developing an ear infection from the damp.  

Bromine can be used in place of chlorine, with less risk of irritation for your pet. Bromine is, however, more suitable for indoor pools or hot tubs as it can become unstable in the sunlight.

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