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Finding the Zen of Swimming

Zen And the Art of Swimming

Do you know what you want out of your pool? Do you want to unwind alone after a long day, for physical fitness, entertaining adult friends, or perhaps having your daughter’s gymnastic team over after a long hard workout? A night with glowing LED lights and soft music poolside can certainly soothe the soul.

So, have you ever heard of Zen and the Art of Swimming? Have you ever contemplated the Zen of Swimming? You may be a bit confused right now, which is quite normal. We are talking about a calming moment that soothes and does a body good. 

As Lynn Sherr, author of “Swim: Why We Love the Water,” puts it, “Swimming stretches my body beyond earthly limits, helping to soothe every ache and caress every muscle. But it is also an inward journey, a time of quiet contemplation, when, encased in an element at once hostile and familiar, I find myself at peace, able – and eager – to flex my mind, imagine new possibilities, work things out without the startling interruptions of the human voice or modern life. The silence is stunning.”

And yes, a swimming pool is a tremendous benefit for bringing peace and happiness. We will show you how.

Water Soothes The Soul

Studies have shown that people who live near the ocean have less stress resulting in better overall health.

In comparison, this works for swimming pools as well. Research shows that floating in a pool triggers theta brainwaves. This results in our creative ideas evolving and flowing. When the mind wanders, you fall into a serene sense of weightlessness, free of stress and stimulation. This is truly a naturally happy place. 


Have you ever tried yoga? If so, has your stiff joints prevented you from doing it? If you consider doing yoga in the swimming pool, that may not be the case. So try it as you notice it can put you in a beautiful meditative state. And let us not forget the great benefits of stretching and exercising in the swimming pool. 

Overall Wellbeing

Whether you get outdoors for relaxation or inviting friends and family over, hanging in the pool is excellent for your body, mind and soul. Research has also shown this well-being extends life longevity.

To further enhance your water experience add physical fitness to your regime. Lap pools are fantastic for swimming laps, whereas cocktail pools and spools are great for water aerobics.

No matter how you enjoy your swimming pool, you must know that the water has many therapeutic properties.

With many fantastic ways to enjoy your pool, you may have a few more reasons to get out there and take some time for yourself.

Reach For The Zen of Swimming With Your Own New Custom Pool

Are you ready? As swimming is rated second to walking as the nation’s most popular recreational activity, join the many privileged to have a pool in their backyard. Do you want to join them? Of course, you do. So, by contacting us and learning about our pool designs and services, you have nothing to lose, only to gain. No commitment; however, we know you will be happy with what you hear. If money is a problem for you, do not worry; we have several inground swimming pool specials to meet the various needs of different homeowners’ budgets and lifestyles.

So, get in touch with Precision Pools and Spas today. We look forward to helping you start enjoying the zen of swimming.

If you want to visit one of our store locations to speak in person, you can do so at our Sugarland, TX and or Magnolia TX location.

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