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3 Factors That Affect Pools Construction Timeline

Key Factors That Can Affect Pools Construction Timeline

In January, there were over 1,000 pool construction permit requests in Texas. Unfortunately, pool construction supplies haven’t been keeping up with this steady demand. This is only one factor that may affect your pools construction timeline.

Once you start, there may be many times you ask Why is it taking so long to build a pool? Many factors can affect the completion of your pool.

Rain during a pools construction is one of them. It becomes an even bigger issue if there is rain after the pool excavation. Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg. You may also have other pool excavation problems.

But don’t despair. Knowing some of the factors that affect the pool building timeline may help you avoid them. This article identifies three major ones. It will also answer the question How does rain affect pool construction? Read on to learn this and more before starting your project.

Why Is It Taking So Long to Build a Pool?

There’s another question you’ll need to know the answer to first. How long does it take to install an inground pool? There are varying timelines. But on average it takes six to eight weeks or a month and a half to three months. 

This pools construction time will be extended if you encounter any of the following issues:

Pools Construction Timeline Disruptions

1. Material Shortages

The pandemic has even affected the pool construction industry. Since its onset, there has been a severe plastic shortage. This has had an impact on the PVC supplies available which are essential for building a pool.  

Unfortunately, the demand for these items is extremely high. This results in higher prices. Construction delays may not be the only issue when building a pool. Your budget may also increase during the process as well.

2. Rain During Pool Construction

How does rain affect pool construction? Unfortunately, in quite a few ways. It can affect various stages of the inground pool installation process

It usually makes the soil too soft for excavation. Rain after pool excavation can cause the walls of your pool to cave in. Other seasonal changes may also pose challenges. The pool company you choose can advise you on the best time to start construction.

3. Pool Excavation Problems

The rain could affect the stability of the soil at your construction site. However, the type of soil is an important factor to consider as well. There are varying types in Texas.

Sandy or soft soil may cause pool excavation problems. This can include the collapse of the pool’s walls. Whereas clay soils may absorb too much water.

An experienced pool installation company will be able to identify the type of soil. They can then provide a solution.

Navigating Pool Construction Delays

Having a pool to dive into during the hot Texas summers is an amazing prospect. But once you commit to installing a pool you’ll need to know the things that can delay your enjoyment of it. 

Knowing this, you won’t have to ask Why is it taking so long to build a pool? throughout the entire process. 

How does rain affect pool construction? Thanks to this article, now you know.

You’re also aware of the problems caused by rain during pool excavation. Not to mention the issues with rain after pool excavation. All of these factors make it important to work with an experienced pool company.

Let’s Discuss New Pool Installation and The Pools Construction Timeline

Precision Pools and Spas is the first company you should call when thinking of installing a pool. We have extensive experience. We have been doing pool installations in Texas for many years. We can install yours too! Contact us to learn more.

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