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Custom Small Inground Pools for Small Yards

Custom Small Inground Pools for Small Yards

So, you have a small residence. That is not as much of an issue as it used to be. Just watch television and you’ll see how many people are choosing to live in smaller spaces and even tiny houses. It is a trend. While you most likely do not live in a tiny house, maybe space at your place is limited. Owners of tiny houses must maximize every inch of space and benefit in many ways through their unconventional lifestyle. Whether your house is large or small, maybe your backyard is tiny. So, you think it is not big enough for a swimming pool. That is just not true! There are all kinds of small inground pools, Houston TX.

Small Inground Swimming Pools

Not everyone has a sprawling backyard. Maybe you have limited space or perhaps you live in the city and only have a small area to work with. In this case, a custom small inground pool is for you. Small custom pools can be installed in a variety of backyard types and locations. Some owners even install a pool on the roof of their homes! It is time to think outside of the box. Here are several small-pool designs for homeowners with a less-than-standard size backyard or another small area for installation, including:

— A spool. This kind of pool basically doubles as a spa. So, not only will you have a pool in your yard, but a spa, as well! Win-win.

— A plunge pool. What is a plunge pool? It is a smaller type of swimming pool that is made for soaking and relaxing. It is deep like a regular pool and offers pretty much the same features but is just smaller in size.

— A petite infinity pool. Does your backyard face a body of water or some other natural feature that would accommodate an infinity pool? An infinity pool, by definition, is a pool that is positioned to appear as if it merges with the landscape, a lake or ocean or it could even end at the tip of the roof or other structure (imagine the skyline view)! They can be small and are, well, awesome.

— A lap pool. Fitness buffs love the exercise they get in swimming pools. Not everybody is comfortable with swimming in a community pool or the pool at the gym. So, what is the solution? How about a long, rectangular swimming pool for swimming laps that fits in the space you have available?

— A custom pool with a freeform shape. Pool builders are crafty. An expert in pool building can help you assess the room you have available and custom design a shape that will fit in your yard, no matter how small it is.

Small Backyard Pools Cost

The cost of a pool will vary. Of course, small inground pools cost will be higher than an above-ground pool or another standard shape of the pool that does not require customization. A pool that is approximately 14 feet by 28 feet in diameter and is about 6 1/2 feet deep will cost you in the range of $45,000, however, prices will vary depending on the specifics. There will be ongoing maintenance costs as well, so you will want to factor that into your budget.

The good news is you can consider a small pool in Houston an investment that will build equity, since installing one will add to your home’s value. No matter what your budget is, there is a good chance that you can afford to have your own pool and it will pay dividends in the form of increased value to your home, improved physical fitness, and, of course, fun!

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