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Custom Patio Covers Poolside

Look at any list of the states with the most residential swimming pools, and you’ll find Texas somewhere near the top of it. Having a swimming pool makes it possible for Texans to beat the heat throughout the year. But, when we speak of heat, how about beating the hot sun and inquiring about custom patio covers?

If you live in Texas and are lucky enough to own a swimming pool, fabulous and if not, why not consider it? Along with your swimming pool, a custom patio cover will be worth looking into. Precision Pools & Spas can help you by designing a perfect custom patio cover poolside. It can incorporate an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor living area with sofas and decorative items to unwind and relax from the sun.

Our Precision Pools & Spas team of expert custom patio covers will lend a hand with your patio cover project to ensure it is built to your liking and for quality and functionality.

Continue reading to see how Precision Pools & Spas can assist you.

Brainstorming Custom Patio Cover Ideas

When you choose Precision Pools & Spas to be your custom patio cover builders, we’ll begin by showing you some of the custom patio covers we’ve built in the past. We have a photo gallery with our custom pools showing several patio cover projects included.

By checking out our past work, you’ll be able to see what is possible when hiring us. You’ll then be able to brainstorm ideas about what you would like your custom patio cover to be like.

Some people prefer small open-air custom patio covers designed to do little more than shield them from the sun. Others create large custom patio covers to protect outdoor kitchens and outdoor living rooms from the outdoor elements.

Precision Pools & Spas can help you hold a productive brainstorming session as you decide what you want a custom pool cover to be. It’ll get your custom pool cover project off to a fantastic start.

Coming Up With a Custom Patio Cover Design

Once you’re done brainstorming ideas for a custom pool cover, our expert will speak with you about your actual custom patio cover design. We can use your ideas to develop design options as we add ideas you may have never dreamed of.

We’ll also evaluate your property before doing this to find a suitable space for a poolside patio cover. We know all the local rules and regulations regarding where things can be built. We’ll utilize our knowledge to show you some of the best spots to put a custom patio cover on your property.

Additionally, Our Precision Pools & Spas expert will discuss your budget with you to ensure we don’t create any patio cover designs that will cost you more than you can afford.

Choosing the Right Materials and Features

The time it takes to create a custom patio cover design can be quick as it can be lengthy, depending on you. We’ll go back and forth with you as often as you would like before you land on a custom patio cover design that you genuinely love.

After you find a design you want to move forward with, Precision Pools & Spas can discuss which custom patio cover materials and features you would like. These materials and features will make your pool patio cover functional and stand out, so selecting the suitable options are necessary.

You will be in charge of choosing everything from the roofing to columns and more. You may feel this project will be a bit overwhelming; however, when working with the Precision Pools & Spas team, we aim to make the process exciting and stress-free.

As your Texas Custom Patio Cover Builder, Precision Pools & Spas will be there for you at every step to ensure the result is nothing short of amazing.

Keeping Building Costs Down

Since there are so many types of patio covers; pavilion, gazebo and pergola styles, it isn’t easy even to put an average cost as each varies in size, shape, open-roof to closed roof and more. Therefore, the cost will depend on its size, location, materials, features, and so much more.

When you sit down with Precision Pools & Spas, we’ll ask you about your budget and keep it in mind when creating custom patio cover designs. In addition, we will note your budget when we’re helping you pick out the materials that’ll be used for your custom patio cover poolside project.

But we won’t stop there. Our team will work hard to get your custom patio cover building costs as low as possible. We’ll do this by suggesting alternative materials you can use and showing you how altering your design plans might be able to save you money.

Outside of doing these things, as mentioned, our goal is to keep you in the loop throughout the entire process. If we have any budgetary concerns, we’ll fill you in on them ASAP. We will find ways to keep your budget on the right track.

If you require financial help, we also offer financing with our partners. We can discuss this with you.

Contact Us to Serve as Your Custom Patio Cover Builders

Building a custom patio cover in your backyard is an excellent way to take your swimming pool area to the next level. It’s also a great way to add more liveable space, expand its use during extreme heat and rainy weather and, of course, increase the home’s value.

Do not rely on just any Texas custom patio cover builder. You can rest assured you are in excellent hands when you hire Precision Pools & Spas, knowing the job will be done right.

Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you bring their ideas combined with our unique ideas for custom patio covers to life.

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