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How to Build a Pool on a Budget in Houston

Are You Looking to Build a Pool on a Budget in Houston?

There are over 800,000 residential pools in Texas. This figure is likely to increase this year. A clue may be the 820 new construction permits issued last December. Houston had the second-highest total of 248. Was one of them yours? Or are you considering one but need to build a pool on a budget in Houston?

Many other homeowners were able to take the plunge. They used one of the more affordable pool builders Houston has to offer. You can too. It is possible to build cheap pools in Texas.

Read on if you’re wondering how to build a pool on a budget in Houston. You might also want to consider one of the pool packages Houston pool company Precision Pools & Spas offers.

Pool Building Process to Build a Pool on a Budget in Houston

Knowing the process involved in building a pool will give you a better idea of what you can expect. It also provides insight into why pool building costs are so significant.

Location and Layout

This step in the process is one of the easiest. You’ll review swimming pool designs and choose one to suit your space. The pool company will also discuss the location and layout of the pool’s utilities.


This is a significant part of the pool-building process. You’ll have heavy machinery and equipment in your backyard for at least a day. However, this gets you one step closer to completion.

Steel Reinforcement and Plumbing Installation

The pool company will place reinforcing steel rods in the excavated area. The network of rods will look like a cage that mimics the shape of your pool design. This will help support its structure.

Installation of your pool’s plumbing will also occur simultaneously. It will include pressure tests to ensure the equipment is working as it should.

Pool Surface Installation

Your pool starts to ‘take shape’ at this stage. This is possible with the use of gunite, a concrete product. This step involves applying and curing to cast the pool’s surface.


This connects your lighting and pool equipment to your electrical service. It requires the expertise of a Master Electrician. This helps to ensure the connections adhere to the state’s electrical code guidelines.

Finishing Touches

This completes the final ‘look’ of your pool, including:

  • Tiling and coping
  • Decking
  • Interior finishes

You can consider this the ‘fun’ part of the pool-building process. The options you choose allow you to infuse your personality into the finished product.

Cheap Pools? Cost of Swimming Pools in Texas

It’s hard to determine the cost of building a swimming pool in Texas as the cost will depend on many various factors, including:

  • Pool size
  • Pool shape
  • Pool design
  • The condition and layout of your backyard

These are the more basic factors. Specific swimming pool features, such as heating and landscaping, can add to your cost.

It may seem easy to say not to let this discourage you. However, there are ways you can reduce how much you spend on your pool.

How to Build a Pool on a Budget

Cutting back on your pool building costs isn’t an impossible task. Start by finding ways to reduce how much you spend on each of the abovementioned factors. Then there are also other cost-cutting options for pool builders you can consider:

Pool Size

You don’t have to have an Olympic-sized swimming pool to enjoy it. What are some of the reasons you want a pool? Is it for relaxing, entertaining, or for your kids to enjoy?

You can choose a suitable size based on this. A smaller pool can serve the same purpose a larger one would in each of the scenarios above. Your pool size does not have to determine the value or enjoyment you experience using it.

Plunge pools are also an option you might want to consider. They’re gaining popularity because they’re cheaper to build. Maintaining them also costs less. It’s a perfect solution if you have a small backyard.


Why are you considering building a pool? Maybe it’s the sweltering months of 100+ temperatures in July and August? However, the winter months will allow you to do it at a more economical cost.

The state usually experiences lower temperatures during the winter. As a result, there isn’t usually a high demand for pool building this time of year. Most pool builders will offer lower prices during this time.

Precision Pools & Spas offers a winter special on plunge pools for less than $40,000. What’s great about this offer is that it includes energy-efficient features. And even better, as we traditionally keep our winter specials still active past winter’s end, contact us to check it out now. Our savings continue long after the dates of our initial sale.


Efficient energy use can save you a significant amount of money. It’s a cost-saving measure you’ll also want to incorporate when building your pool. This can help you to save on maintenance costs.


You can limit your options if you’re not aiming to have the fanciest pool in the neighborhood. This includes water features and unique designs.

It doesn’t mean you have to give up on the pool of your dreams. You can add some of these at a later date. This reduces your initial cash outlay.

Get advice from your pool builder on some features you can put on hold.


Most pool builders will offer specials for winter, as does Precision Pools & Spas. However, what sets us apart from the rest is that we also have additional year-round specials.

You can enjoy last year’s pricing of $400 or less per month! Choose a design from one of our three packages, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your new backyard oasis.

One of the Most Affordable Pool Builders Houston Has to Offer

A pool, although a luxury, can improve your mental and physical health. It can also increase your home’s value. These are benefits anyone can enjoy.

However, you might be hesitant due to the investment building a pool requires. Follow the suggestions given in this article on how to build a pool on a budget.

Cheap pools in Texas are possible. Review some of the pool packages Houston pool builders may have. But the choice is obvious if you’re looking for one of the most affordable pool builders Houston has to offer.

Precision Pools & Spas can help you build a pool within your budget. Contact us.

So, get started and build your pool on a budget in Houston with Precision Pools and Spas today.

Contact Precision Pools & Spas today to get started building your new custom pool on a budget in Houston.

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