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Best Material For Pool Hardscape in Texas

What Is the Best Hardscape Material to Put Around an In-Ground Pool in Texas?

Do you know the pool hardscape types? What puts the finishing touch on a stunning swimming pool?

The decking and coping that surround it, of course! These essential components tie a pool project together, giving the area a distinct look rather than leaving it bare.

A wide array of aesthetics can be accomplished, from modern stained concrete to geometric tiles, rich natural stone, and more.

Wondering what’s the best material for pool decking and coping? Read on to find out! We’ll walk you through all the best options for pool hardscape in Texas.

But first, check out this gallery of the most beautiful pools in the world to get your creative juices flowing!

The Best Material for Pool Decking

When selecting the material for your pool’s decking, you’ll want to consider various factors, including price, durability, slip resistance, heat reflection, and maintenance. And, no matter what you choose, you’ll have to compromise somewhere. No one type of decking does it all!

You’ll also need to keep your pool’s shape in mind. Installing wood will be complicated if your heart is set on something round or curved. Other geometric materials like brick and tile will be more costly, as each piece must be cut individually to fit your pool’s contours.


Are you hoping to create a pool patio that feels in touch with nature? If so, wood may be one of your best bets.

Wood is relatively slip-resistant and won’t get as hot as other options like bricks. However, it’s one of the most expensive options thanks to the rising cost of lumber and its labor-intensive installation. And, it doesn’t hold up well to constant water exposure.

While traditionally selected for above-ground models, wood works well with in-ground pools. Remember that you’ll need to resurface it occasionally, especially if it gets wet often.

Natural Stone

What looks more glamorous than natural stone surrounding a cool, clean, inviting pool? Not much, in our opinion!

One of the enormous benefits of stone hardscaping is how diverse a material you’ll be working with. You can easily customize your pool’s look with options ranging from rich granite to rustic sandstone, smooth slate, and everything in between.

While natural stone is one of the most costly materials, it’s also highly durable and won’t require upkeep like resurfacing.

Best Material For Pool Hardscape in Texas, natural stone


Like natural stone, stone tile comes in various shapes and shades, with popular choices including travertine and limestone. Other options include ceramic, terra cotta, and other manmade materials.

Tile will likely cost less than stone, but it is still considered a premium material. And it’s essential to choose a light-colored unglazed option that won’t heat up or get slippery when wet.

Best Material For Pool Hardscape in Texas, tile


Brick is one of the more traditional hardscaping materials on our list, which lends a classic look to any pool area. But it’s not always the most practical option.

Some bricks can have rough, unfinished edges. And it’s also one of the most likely materials to absorb the sun’s heat, becoming uncomfortable to walk on.

That said, brick is an excellent choice for your pool’s coping – the material used to line its edge.

Not sure what the difference is between decking and coping? No worries. Check out our guide to learn all that you’ll need to know!


Similar to brick or tile but larger, most pavers are made from poured concrete. This means that they’re an affordable option and a relatively long-lasting one, too.

Because pavers are textured and natural light in color, they’re a top pick for hardscaping in hot climates like Texas. And they won’t necessarily leave you with a boring-looking pool. With colorful stains for the concrete and surrounding grout, nearly any exciting look can be achieved!


Poured concrete is one of the easiest to install and most cost-effective options for pool decking. That’s why you’ll see it included in many pool specials and pre-set designs.

This material won’t heat up underfoot and is easy to add texture to. Plus, deep cleaning is a snap, with most homeowners opting for occasional power washing to remove any stains and discoloration.

For a luxurious upgrade, use one of the more exciting and costly materials mentioned above for your coping. That way, you’ll still get the visual effect of luxurious stone or sophisticated tile.

Other Pool Hardscape Considerations

No matter which hardscaping material you choose, you’ll first have to pour a base of sand or gravel or lay down a foundation. This keeps your decking from cracking and shifting over time.

You’ll also need to add a gentle slope to your pool’s surrounding hardscape to help water drain away. This slope should point away from the pool itself, directing dirty water, debris, leaves, and other unwanted items away from your fresh, clean water.

If you have extensive decking, a channel may also be necessary to prevent flooding during heavy rain. Runoff can be collected and repurposed for irrigation and other watering – or directed to a storm drain.

Trust Precision Pools and Spas With Your Pool Hardscape in Texas

So, what’s the best material to use around your pool project? It depends on the results that you’re hoping to achieve!

Hiring a pro designer is the best way to guarantee a look you love. You can preview your finished project using 3D illustration and digital rendering with various hardscape materials. Then, choosing your favorite will be easy!

If you’re ready to team up with one of the top pool builders in Texas, it’s time to contact Precision Pools and Spas or call 281-937-8413. Our team has decades of experience working with hardscape in Texas, and we guarantee our results and service!

Below we list the Texas counties we build new custom pools; however, if you do not see the county you reside in, do not hesitate and reach out to us to see if we can serve you.

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