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Beginners Pool Maintenance Tips 101

Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming pools can transform any backyard space, whether small or grand, into incredible private paradises.

However, with private paradises comes a bit of time, money, care, and maintenance.

Are you a new pool owner who wants the best in pool equipment, lighting, and other trending perks?

Your dreams can come true. And all of the fantastic amenities you have chosen can last a very long time and provide great enjoyment when the proper care and maintenance are put in place.

Below we will help you, as a new pool owner or perhaps just the family member who has recently been given the job of taking care of the pool.

If you follow the easy steps below, it will save you both time and money in the long run. Get ready to learn while enjoying your pool to the max.

Pool Maintenance for Beginners

The proper pool maintenance is critical but also does not take a rocket scientist to learn and do.

Here we will break down the pool maintenance tips for beginners and how to complete what is needed to keep your pool water sparkling and clean.

Pump and Filter Circulation

I am sure most of us have come across those stagnant dirty bodies of water at some point in our lives. Are you aware that they can be a haven for bacteria, algae growth, and insects?

Well, pools can react to stagnant water just the same. This is why it is critical to run your pump and filter as frequently as needed for your pool’s size to keep the water circulating. The pump will run while the filter will catch any impurities in the water. Because the filter can become dirty, it is essential to have the filter cleaned periodically as well. The amount of filter cleaning per season will depend on several factors, such as the heat, sun, and rain and the pool’s usage by swimmers.

Pool Cleaning

If you properly clean and maintain your filter, it will handle a good chunk of the cleaning. However, it will not take care of everything.

Again, depending on the weather will determine how often cleaning will need to be done.

We recommend doing the following steps at least once a week. Brush the floor and walls of the pool. Use a net skimmer and pool vacuum to get up any leaves and dirt. These few tips go a long way to keeping your pool’s water crystal clear. Regularly cleaning will also help your filtration system from working too hard and becoming clogged.

Maintain Pool Chemistry

For a new pool owner who is a beginner in pool maintenance, the term pool chemistry can sound a bit scientific.

Do not get alarmed; it sounds worse than it is.

The alkalinity, pH, sanitizer, and chlorine or salt must be at the proper levels to maintain a pool’s chemistry. Water testing kits are available at your local pool store. They are an easy and effective way to test the levels. Then you can purchase an increase and decrease product as necessary to maintain the water chemistry balance. By doing so, you will keep bacteria, algae growth, and the pool’s structure from corrosion to its minimum.

Pool Equipment

Not everyone is equipment repair savvy. This is where it is recommended to hire a pool maintenance company to make sure your equipment is running at its optimal level. If not the equipment becomes prone to failure, requiring a repair or even the garbage. Regular pool equipment maintenance will help to keep costs down in the long run.

Beginners Pool Maintenance Tips Conclusion

Always keep an eye on the pool and do the steps above. Brushing the pool’s foundation, vacuuming, maintaining the water chemistry, and taking good care of the filtration system will help to prevent unwanted stress, wasted time, damage, and more money out of your pocket.

If you need to learn more about the beginners pool maintenance tips, do not hesitate and reach out to the team at Precision Pools & Spas. We are a leading inground pool builder throughout Texas. Feel free to use our secure online form to get in touch.

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