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Top 5 Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Top 5 Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas for Homeowners in Texas

If you’re a Texas homeowner, installing a backyard pool is the number one way to beat the summer heat. But, if you’re planning on using it daily or even entertaining — you’ll want a space that feels welcoming. After all, nobody likes the look of an awkward cement hole in the ground. 

That’s where landscaping comes in. The right design can leave your yard feeling like a tranquil oasis of calm — the perfect place for a swim!

Keep reading for five backyard pool landscaping ideas to help transform your space and keep you swimming and enjoying your backyard all summer long.

1. Cool and Shady

Not only will planting trees help keep your pool temperature down, but this is also one of the top pool landscaping ideas for privacy. 

Just be sure to plant your trees far enough from your pool and home’s foundation that the roots can’t cause damage. Palm trees are an especially popular choice thanks to their ability to create privacy and shade and relatively small root bundles — less likely to spread and damage nearby concrete.

2. Tropical Paradise

Texas is famous for its tropical climate, and many beautiful jungle plants thrive within the state. And a thick border of deep green is one of our favorite small backyard pool landscaping ideas, as it creates a feeling of seclusion and intimacy.

For extra effect, plant a variety of textures like palms, vines, and broad leaves. This will give your yard the feeling of a rainforest clearing and may also encourage local wildlife to visit.

3. Sweet Succulents

If you don’t have tons of time and don’t feel like paying for a backyard pool landscaping service, hearty cactus and succulents might be your best bet. These gardens stay stunning all year round, are drought resistant, and cost very little to maintain.

Cactus and succulents have been enjoying a moment in the spotlight in recent years as one of the trendiest landscaping choices for homeowners. If you’re considering new pool construction or renovating and remodeling an existing old pool, a modern and contemporary cactus border might be your best bet!

4. Easy Container Gardening

This is one of the easiest rectangular pool landscaping ideas because it allows you to sit potted plants wherever you’d like. And, it works whether you have a wooden deck, cement or pavers, or even grass around the pool.

Container gardening is also convenient if you’d like to grow backyard vegetables. Many household favorites like cherry tomatoes actually prefer to live in pots!

5. Ornamentals 

Spreading ornamental grasses and bushes can help fill in the gaps if your yard is feeling a bit barren.

If you’re looking for pool landscaping ideas on a budget, this could be your best bet. Many ornamental plants are easy to split and spread — bamboo, for example. 

Check out this list of superb plants for Texas landscaping for inspiration.

Our Best Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Now that you’ve got a few backyard pool landscaping ideas under your belt, it’s time to start brainstorming on what will suit your space best. Just remember, your pool should be the focus and focal point for your project — so don’t let your landscaping overshadow it!

Are you ready to get your backyard transformation started? Contact Precision Pools & Spas today to learn about our wide variety of landscaping and pool services, financing, and more!  And before you leave this blog, make sure you check out our inground pool specials. If you are considering getting a new custom inground pool then you do not want to miss these incredible specials.

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