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Are You Ready For a Pool?

Are You Ready For a Pool?

If you are thinking about getting a pool, you need to ask yourself the big question: “Are you ready?” Installing a pool is a big decision. Maybe you’ve worried about the cost, or if you’d really use it, or if it will negatively or positively impact the value of your home. Once it is in, it’s not like you get a refund.

Before you do anything, you may need to establish why you want a pool. Is it because it would be aesthetically pleasing in your yard? If so, the amount of work you have to put into maintaining a full-size pool may not be worth it! (But there are smaller options!) If you are installing one because your family loves all things aquatic, then you’ll want to think about the style that will work best for everyone.

Let’s look at a few things you should consider.


Having a pool will require some extra maintenance and time. There are certain things that need to be done daily, weekly and seasonally. They must have regular attention to ensure water is at a healthy level chemically and that all the components are operating correctly. There will also be added time for doing things like clearing leaves and debris and putting away pool supplies. Consider first who will be taking care of the maintenance. Is your family going to help maintain it, or will you be able to hire someone to do the upkeep?


Next look realistically at your schedule, so you can plan ahead for care. Are your weekends already packed with sports games, errands, or different events and lessons? Maybe you work long hours and have to work late a few nights a week? Pool care will require a little more time in your schedule so make sure you can budget for a little more time during your household chores. Hiring a pool maintenance company may seem more expensive: however, in the long run it can be well worth it allowing you more time to enjoy the pool.


Next, think about changes in utility bills. Many people only think about the upfront cost of a pool and the construction required to install it. But there are other hidden costs, as well. Will you be able to accommodate an uptick in energy/water bills and buy the necessary chemicals during peak season? While the figure is not typically an astronomical number, there are costs you’ll want to be aware of.

Other requirements

There are a few other things you’ll need to consider, too. You will also want to ensure that everyone’s safety is your #1 concern. Finally, your local or state government may have specific requirements you must follow in order to have a pool, so we recommend checking first so you know what to expect!

With all that said, don’t forget that backyard pools are awesome!

Are You Ready For a Pool

Yes, you need to plan for maintenance and regular upkeep. But having your own pool can be well worth the investment. You have everything you want right there in your own yard! No driving somewhere to go for a swim, standing in long lines to go down a water slide and overpaying for snacks. Summertime barbecues, birthday parties and relaxing on hot summer nights are perfect ways to use your pool. And there are so many types and styles, you can customize your pool to fit your budget, yard and needs. If you love water but really just want to soak and relax, a smaller pool may be for you. If you just want to swim laps, how about a lap pool? If you want a place for the kids or grandkids to hang out and burn off some energy, then you’ll probably want a larger pool… maybe with a slide or diving board!

Are You Now Ready For a Pool?

If you’re ready for a pool or would like answers to some questions, give Precision Pools & Spas a call today. Let’s schedule an appointment to get your pool dreams started!

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