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Add Exotic Fire Feature Effects to Your Backyard

Add Exotic Fire Feature Effects to Your Backyard

Fire and water are two basic elements, both magical and captivating. Fire’s attraction is indisputable. Just watch anyone sitting around a bonfire and you will soon realize its captivating effects. You can create that experience every day in your own backyard with a unique poolscape that includes both the elements of fire and water.

Fire and Water Bowls for Pools

The addition of fire elements is a hot trend in poolscapes and a myriad of options await you, whether you prefer premade or custom-built features, such as pool fire bowls.

A variety of concrete, steel, and copper bowls are available to suit any design. The fire is contained within the bowl and can be strategically placed for maximum effect. Designs range from basic fire pits made with a wood fire to elaborate custom-made pillars with fire bowls perched on top. Copper fire bowls add a designer feel and include hammered copper and plated versions. Stone fire bowls are usually made of concrete or cast stone.

Gas Fire Bowls for Pools

Some people rub two sticks together and, voila! A fire starts. But, maybe you are not quite as confident in your fire making skills. If so, you may want to explore outdoor gas fire features. Just flip a switch on your gas fire bowl, light your match, and touch it to the wick if needed. In mere moments, you and your companions will be enjoying a roaring fire. The best part is, gas fire bowls for pools don’t require any maintenance to keep burning, i.e., you will not have to pile more wood on the fire. Gas can also be used for fireplaces, and more.

Backyard Fire Pits

We don’t think our backyard fire features, Houston TX, list would be complete without mentioning fire pits. Backyard fire pits are a great way to extend the festivities after dark. Imagine going night swimming with a beautiful fire pit blazing away.

There are a plethora of fire pit options available. In-ground fire pits are made of fireproof material and are placed directly into the ground. Local building codes generally require them to be at least 25 feet from any structure or tree and may have to be bordered by protective sand or gravel to prevent them from spreading. Olympian fire pits are above-ground and can be used when the in-ground style is not an option. These are standalone pits that are usually manufactured using either stone or metal. An added advantage is portability, with smaller versions that can be moved.

Fire pits can also be used to set off a scenic view, such as the city skyline or shoreline of the ocean. Do you have a rooftop pool and extra space on top of your building? Create a custom-built fire pit to enhance your skyline view. If you have an ocean view, a fire pit can be placed in an area where the flames and the ocean will both be in full view. The fire and water effect are breathtaking.

If none of these options works for your design scheme and you still want to add a fire feature to your poolscape, you may consider a fire pit table. Solidly constructed of stone (usually), these tables allow guests to gather around a fire that is the centerpiece of a large table. These tables are functional and can be used for cooking — for example, fondue pots melting cheese or chocolate.

When it comes to finding Houston area swimming pool builders, we realize that you have a lot of options. When it is time to take your poolscape to the next level, remember to check with us for all the latest fire feature effects for your backyard.

Feel free to contact Precision Pools & Spas.  We will be happy to assist you in achieving the exciting and warm fire feature effects to your backyard.

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