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A post-swim skincare routine that really works

Post-Swim Skincare Routine

Are you a swimmer or just love to swim. A Post-swim skincare routine may be just what you need.

Having healthy skin takes a lot of effort. As the body’s largest organ, it’s also the one that’s most visible to those you interact with on a daily basis. Factor in a regular swimming routine, and you’re adding another variable to the mix. Swimming in a chlorinated pool can really dry out your skin in a hurry.

The good news is you can take matters into your own hands through washing, moisturizing and purifying your skin after each swim session. Here’s how:

Remove Contaminants

Showering and washing your body and hair with soap and warm water is a skin care must-do after swimming. Removing chlorine from the skin can prevent the outbreak of a rash. Wash your swimsuit with soap as well to avoid future skin irritations.


Chlorine may be good for killing harmful bacteria, but this harsh chemical can contribute to dry skin. One approach to ward off scaly, dry skin is to apply a lotion or cream-based moisturizer immediately after showering. Most over-the-counter products will do the trick.

Purify Skin

As if you needed another reason to drink more H20, here’s one more: Drinking plenty of water each day is a potent weapon against dry skin. Staying hydrated will help to purify skin, replenish moisture lost through sun exposure, and flush out toxins.

Here’s to healthy, glowing skin and fun in the pool, too!

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