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7 Small, Simple Pool House Ideas on a Budget

7 Small Pool House Designs When You Are On A Budget

The projected growth of the tiny house market is 6.25%. It’s a trend that’s set to become more popular in the coming years.

This isn’t surprising. Tiny homes can reduce costs, are energy efficient, and make homeownership affordable.

What’s also great about this trend? Homeowners are finding creative ways to make smaller spaces functional and comfortable. You can use many of these ideas when considering simple pool house designs as well. Please know that when you decide to search for a pool house, they can also be called cabanas, casitas, and pavilions.

Are you building a pool house? But looking for small pool house ideas on a budget? Then read on.

Here are seven small pool house exterior and interior ideas that may interest you.

Defining Small When Using Simple Pool House Designs

Size does not matter. If you go large it can be 800 square feet or more. However, the average size is approximately 100 square feet.

Is the space you’re considering building it on even smaller? Then it’s probably best to explore simpler designs ideal for a small pool house.

7 Small Pool House Ideas on A Budget

There are specific design elements that you can’t ignore when decorating a small area. The goal is to use the space wisely so that it’s still functional. But you’ll also need to ensure the design elements you use don’t make it look cluttered. 

1. Consider Going Up

When it comes to interior design, the key to creating more space might mean adding a level. This can even allow you to include a loft that you can use as a guest room. The lower level can have a small kitchen, bathroom, and seating area.

2. Open It Out

An enclosed structure can make a small space seem even smaller. Consider having one wall that houses important elements such as a sink or counter space. Everything else can fit under an open area.

3. Modernize It

Lines and textures can make a world of difference. Clean, simple lines can make a small space seem bigger. Choosing the right color can also make any room seem larger.

4. Make It One With Nature

When budgeting, consider adding elements of nature to an open structure. This allows it to blend seamlessly with the greenery around your pool. An experienced pool company can even design it to look like a part of your landscape.

5. Think Outside the Box

Not all the functional elements need to go inside the structure. Consider installing showers outside. This will give you more space for seating inside your pool house.

6. Make It Larger With Glass

Glass is usually the key to making any space seem roomier. You can use this element in your pool house as well. This also allows it to open out naturally to a view of your pool. It gives you the option of a simple enclosed area or more open space. 

7. Stick to the Basics

Want to use it to entertain? Or eat? Or provide a space for guests to change? Then incorporate, where possible, the elements you want. This might mean sticking to the basics to ensure you get the functionality you want.

Making the Impossible Possible with Small Pool House Interior Ideas

Whatever you choose to call it, a casita, cabana, or pavilion it is a great addition to any outdoor area. They were first designed to provide an area to change before entering the pool. It also eliminated the chances of wet trails throughout your home.

With some creativity, simple pool house designs can provide the same functionality as larger ones. An experienced pool builder can provide you with small pool house ideas on a budget.

Precision Pools & Spas will help you make what seems impossible, possible. Contact us to start discussing your entire backyard poolscape.

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