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2019 Stellar Pool Remodeling Ideas

You may have had your house — and your pool — for many years. You are fully in love with your house and are more than willing to live there forever. However, you can’t say the same for your pool. While your house looks fresh and modern, your pool looks dated.

If you are ready for a fresh new start for your pool, we have two words for you — pool remodel. One great feature of concrete pools is that we can do an inground pool remodel. You can keep many aspects of your old pool and add fresh new touches. Here are some of our best 2019 ideas for a pool remodel.

Pool Resurfacing

Look at your pool. As you consider a remodel, you may find your thoughts turn first to the pool’s finish. When you had your pool installed years ago, you didn’t see anything wrong with a concrete finish. However, modern pools use different materials. Think about keeping the shape of your pool but resurfacing it. There are a variety of colors and finishes we could use to turn your old boring pool into something amazing. For example, you may want to finish the edge of your pool with stone. Perhaps, you want to have the stone come up to the pool’s edge. This will give your pool a more modern look.

You might also want to use natural stone as your resurfacing tool. You can also use two different colors of stone. You can use one for the pool decking. The other you can use around the edge of the pool for a nice contrast.

Add a Water or Fire Feature

While you are doing all this thinking, you may want to consider adding water or a fire feature. Both fire and water effects add an ambiance to your pool that it didn’t have before. Water features can be as simple as changing one of the walls to have water trickling out of spouts. There are also enhanced water features, such as adding a waterfall or a fountain. Also, a lot of people are adding fire bowls and fire pits to their backyard pool areas. The contrast between fire and water is very elemental and gives a dramatic effect.

Change the Pool Composition

When you originally built your pool, you may have received your basic chlorine pool. However, the trend now is toward salt water. Saltwater pools are better on your skin. They are also more environmentally friendly. They cost less over time to maintain as well. Saltwater pools add an air of luxury to your outdoor oasis. Think about reconfiguring your pool to a free-form design and adding salt water and natural stone. When we finish, it may appear that you just happened to build your house near a natural spring.

Add a Sundeck in Your Pool

One of the latest trends in pool design is to add a sundeck or a tanning platform. Tanning platforms give you space to place several chaise lounges directly in the pool. You can tan and refresh yourself at the same time. It also gives you the ability to be close enough to your kids and grandkids to ensure they’re safe. Children love to play in the shallow water of the tanning deck with their toys as well. It is truly refreshing to tan on the deck, then, jump in the pool to cool off. Often, we make the tanning platforms from the same materials you choose to finish your pool with. That way, your pool’s look is all coordinated.

The year 2019 is coming to a close and have you been wondering, “Where can I find a swimming pool remodeling company near me?” Contact Precision Pools & Spas. We have two locations. One in Sugarland, Texas, and the other in Magnolia, Texas. We have been serving Houston County, Fort Bend County, Harris County, Montgomery County, and the surrounding counties since 2004. Let us add you to our long list of happy pool remodeling customers in 2019. Let’s get started!

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