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10 Eye-Catching Pool Upgrades to Consider

Eye-Catching Swimming Pool Upgrades to Consider

Your pool is starting to show its age. Maybe you have noticed a new custom inground swimming pool in your neighbor’s backyard, and you are envious because your pool looks old and dated compared to theirs.

Have you considered renovating or remodeling your existing pool, so it looks as beautiful and or better than your neighbor’s?

Well, if so, it’s a great idea. When you hire a reputable pool builder, your options are endless.

Let us show you a few ideas to upgrade your inground swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Upgrades and Remodeling Ideas

Here are some pool upgrades and makeover ideas to give your pool a fabulous upgrade:

Shape, Size and Spas

You may think your existing pool shape and depth must stay as it is, but that is not the case. For some pool builders, it may have to stay, but when you find the right pool builder, they will be able to change it. In addition, you will determine the shape after consulting the pool builder. In an initial consultation, what will work best with the yard layout and size will be discussed. And if you would like a hot tub, spas can also be added, attached or unattached to the main pool.

Waterfalls, Grottos and Slides

Another pool makeover idea is to add a slide. While this seems simple and inexpensive to do, it changes the whole look of your pool. However, these are great additions if children will be using the pool.

A waterslide can be built within a waterfall. A rock waterfall with niches and plants will be perfect if you like tropical. If you want a contemporary look with clean straight lines a waterfall with straight edges will offer a great look.

If you want to go a bit beyond, consider a grotto which is typically a waterfall with an entrance to go to additional space underneath. Think of a cave, and there you have it. Tables and seating can even be within it.

Pool Decking

Pool upgrade ideas often include redoing the pool deck. Rather than just using cement around your pool, why not try a stone deck? There are hundreds of stone options available. You could get stones that complement the color of your house or get something that matches the overall theme and color of your home.

A modern take on pool decking uses a combination of wood and stone. The “wood” does not actually have to be wood. There are a lot of composite planking materials that look like wood. However, they don’t warp the way wood would after it has been exposed to so much water. This “natural look” is on trend and is sure to give your pool a new look.

Water Features

If you are upgrading your pool, think about adding a water feature. Water features could be as complicated or as simple as you like. For example, deck jets are available that shoot water out or up to create a jet of water that gives your pool the look of a waterpark.

As mentioned, waterfalls and cascades are also excellent ideas, and they give your pool a relaxed look and sound. Waterfalls and cascades can come from a new retaining wall or over natural rocks along one side of your pool. These will completely alter the look of your pool’s landscape.

Fire Features

You might also want to add a fire pit, which would give your pool upgrade a fresh look and provide a place for people to gather. Fire bowls are the new trend as they are now sitting on pool ledges more often. These fire bowls have a fire but can also have scuppers and spouts extending for beautiful and soothing water flow into the pool.


Pool upgrades certainly need fantastic lighting as well. New pools have LED lighting as opposed to incandescent lighting. The LED lighting gives your pool a modern look and saves you money in the long run, as LED lights are more energy efficient than the traditional older bulbs.

Learn More About Eye-Catching Swimming Pool Upgrades

If you are ready to consider upgrading your pool, google – pool builder near me. Make sure you find the right pool builders who can give you great insights into your pool’s features and how those features could be enhanced to give your pool an amazing fresh new look. 

Make sure they can give you advice about what pool features would look best on your property and can work with you to make your pool a showplace you can be proud of.

If you are looking for a “pool builder near me” and live in the counties of Trinity, Polk, Hardin, Jefferson, Chambers, Liberty, San Jacinto, Walker, Grimes, Montgomery, Harris, Brazoria, Matagorda, Fort Bend, Colorado, Washington, Waller, Austin, Brazos, Houston Texas and beyond. If you do not see the county you live in listed, please do not hesitate and contact us.

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