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Yuck, My Pool Is Green! Help Is on Its Way

Texas comes in third behind California and Florida for the states with the most pools. These states have the weather and climate that’s perfect for enjoying a pool almost year-round. 

The warm climate also means that constant care is required to keep them looking great and ready for use. Fail to do this, and you may find yourself saying, my pool is green. 

If this happens to you, then use this guide to get your pool straightened out and clear again.

Why Is My Pool Green? 

You have green pool water because algae are abundant in the water. The trick to fixing and preventing it in the future is to figure out why there’s this abundance. It could be from improper PH balance, changing weather, or a clogged filter. 

Should You Drain It? 

If the color is super dark green or almost black, then your algae problem has a strong foothold, and it may be better to drain the pool, give it an acid wash, and start over. Look at the water, if the pool is green but you can see about eight inches down, then you have hope of treating the water chemically. 

Lower the pH Level 

Now that you’ve decided to tackle the green water chemically, your first step is to lower the pH level. Test the water to find out the current levels. You can safely assume that the chlorine levels are too low since the pool is green. 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding sodium bisulfate to your pool. Test the water again in a few hours. 

Shock It 

The next step is to shock the pool with granular chlorine. This kills bacteria and algae. Test your pool water until you get the right balance. 

Pump and Filter 

Now that you have the water taken care of, it’s time to address the pump and filter so that you can ensure it stays clean. Check that your pump and filter are in working order. If they’re not, you’ll need to repair or replace them. 

Time to Floc 

You may find that the water is still cloudy from particles too small for the filter to clean. A flocculent will help these microscopic particles clump together and de-cloud the water. 

Do a Second Clean 

At this point, your pool looks crystal clear, and the majority of the algae is eliminated. Doing a second cleaning can ensure all of the algae get eliminated, and you don’t have to repeat this green pool cleaning process again. Use an algaecide to kill the last of the algae. 

You Can No Longer Say, “My Pool Is Green”

It isn’t the end of the world if you find yourself saying, my pool is green. By following these steps, you can treat your pool and have it swim-ready in no time. 

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts. Having a professional pool care service can give you peace of mind knowing that your pool is in good hands. Once they get your pool clear, you can arrange for regular maintenance to ensure it never turns green again. 

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