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What is a Baja Shelf in a Pool?

Did you know that around 31% of the population over 16 likes to go swimming? If you’re part of that group, you might consider adding a custom pool to your property. As you think about amenities and features, don’t overlook the possibility of including a Baja shelf.

What is a Baja shelf in a pool? Read on to find out!

Is a Baja Shelf Worth It?

Absolutely, a Baja shelf is worth it! These shallow shelves sit within the perimeter of your pool and provide a perfect spot to sit and dip your toes in the water. A Baja shelf is a literal platform for relaxation.

Since the shelves aren’t deep, you can even recline in your pool without getting completely wet. If your Baja shelf is wide enough, you also can fit lounge chairs on them. Look out toward the water while you rest and read a book under the late afternoon sun!

You can choose any style for your Baja shelf, too. For a seamless look, consider matching the materials of the shelf to the inside of your pool.

Alternatively, choose a contrasting material, such as flagstone, for more visual intensity. Add mosaic tiles to the shelf for a playful vibe that makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island.

Baja shelves are ideal when you have friends and want to enjoy the poolside ambiance. Best of all, no one will need to change into a bathing suit to enjoy some time by the pool. Introduce some ambient lighting, too, so your Baja shelf will be functional during nighttime.

How Deep Is a Baja Shelf in a Pool?

Baja shelves are meant to be shallow ledges that sit along the perimeter of your pool. Typically, these shelves can range from a few inches to 2 feet deep. It all depends on your personal preferences.

For instance, a very shallow depth of 6 inches is ideal if you want to get the bottoms of your legs wet. And if you have a pet that you like to let in the water, this depth allows for that.

Moving to a Baja shelf that’s around a foot deep, you’ll be able to get a little more water immersion. And if you have young kids, you’re hoping to let them splash in the water; this height is ideal.

Go even deeper if you don’t mind having more of your body in the water while sitting on a lounge chair. But if your shelf is deep into the water, it won’t be as easy to sit comfortably and lounge. Consider how you intend to use the Baja shelf before committing to a particular depth.

How Big Should a Baja Shelf Be on Pool?

When you construct a new pool, it’s best to work a Baja shelf into the planning. In terms of size, the scale of your overall pool will inform how big your Baja shelf can be. You’ll also need to assess the size of your yard space as you decide.

Baja shelves tend to be wide platforms. For instance, a width of around 5 feet would be enough to provide comfortable lounging space. If space permits, you may want to go closer to 8 feet to accommodate a lounge chair.

Keep in mind that Baja shelves can also be constructed in different shapes. They can follow the perimeter of your pool in a very uniform manner. Or you can go with a curved shelf or even one with steps.

And before you finalize your plans, determine whether you want an umbrella. These can be installed securely on your shelf for added sun protection. If you’re planning to spend lots of afternoons outdoors, umbrellas can offer needed relief from the sunshine.

Can You Add Baja Shelf to Existing Pool?

If you already have a pool, you may think you’re out of luck when adding a shelf. But with skilled pool installers at the helm of a renovation project, you may be able to add one.

They’ll need to assess the shape and size of your pool first. If your pool is small, it may be too tight to include a shelf. In some cases, you may be able to create an exterior Baja shelf addition if you have enough yard space.

On the other hand, you may have plenty of room within your existing pool to add one! Just be prepared to invest time and money into the project. You may need to replaster the entire pool to ensure that everything is waterproof when you add a Baja shelf.

Pool installation experts will need to drain your pool before creating the new shelf’s structure. They’ll likely use steel and concrete in this construction phase to ensure a sturdy shelf.

After that, the crew will apply plaster to the surface. If you’re opting for decorative stones or tiles, the crew will install those next. Once everything is done, you’ll end up with a relaxing lounge space just a few steps out your back door!

Are You Ready To Learn More?

Are you still wondering, “What is a Baja shelf in a pool?” You can think of this shallow platform as a worthwhile addition to your pool installation project. You’ll gain the perfect spot to lounge while you soak up the sun on a summer day.

When you’re ready to get the pool you have envisioned for years, contact Precision Pools & Spas to make it happen!

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