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Water Features Provide Tranquility, Aesthetics, and More

Water Features Provide Tranquility, Aesthetics, and More

You probably love the swimming pool that you have installed at your home. Of course, you do. It is an invaluable part of your life, providing aerobic exercise, playtime for the kids and a focal point for social gatherings and parties. But, your pool can be so much more.

With a little imagination, a swimming pool can be transformed into a relaxing getaway that rivals your dream vacation. And, the best part is you never have to leave your own home. You will know you are on track when you feel like your pool reflects your personal style and resonates with your mind, body, and soul. Here are a few ideas that might not work for everyone but might suit your particular personality.

Go With A Pirate Theme. All Hands Ahoy!

You will get the best results when creating the ultimate poolscape if you use a certain theme. Do you love pirates? Pirates are a cultural phenomenon thanks to Hollywood films. Why not use a pirate theme for your pool? Children and men will love it. Instead of an overtly feminine touch for your yard and pool, suggest pirate-type decor. You can even build the pool right outside the door of your husband’s man cave. If he did not want to install a pool at your home before, he will after you present him with this idea.

Use clever items, such as treasure chests spilling over with pirate booty and a pirate bar. And, don’t forget the water features. The reconstructed hull of a wrecked pirate ship, partially hidden behind a grotto, can be used as part of a waterfall. A hidden tunnel that opens up into a spa, a shelf for sunning yourself and a swim-up bar complete the effect. Just be sure to have enough rum on hand! As you know, pirates love rum.

For Those Who Love Luxury

Elegant trappings are what many people desire. Indulge yourself with the wide variety of spas and water features that are available today. Unlike the simple pool your family had growing up, today’s pools feature extravagant water features. How about a pool with a raised spa and spillover?

Raising the spa above the rest of the pool makes it the focal point. It will become your private escape. Set above the rest of the water, it will beckon you like a warm, inviting friend after a long day. A raised spa with spillover will give off the relaxing sound of water spilling over the sides as it returns to the pool like a waterfall. LED lighting and floating candles complete the effect, alongside exotic plants and lush greenery.

Research has proven that using a spa to disengage from the world allows your body to regenerate. Improved circulation will send more nutrients and oxygen through your entire body. The pulsing hot water stimulates lymphatics and primes your body to dispose of all kinds of unwanted toxins. In this tranquil environment, your brain will release more serotonin, the feel-good hormone, and send your spirit soaring.

The benefits of a creative theme and the right water features are many and include physical, mental, emotional, and aesthetic benefits. A pool with hidden crevices and ledges, unique lighting fixtures, and beautiful water features adds interest and value to your pool and, quite honestly, your life.

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