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Steps to Reverse Sun Damage From The Texas Sun

Essential Steps to Reversing Sun Damage

Approximately 80% of visible damage on the skin is from exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. However, stress, too little sleep, and alcohol consumption also contribute to dark spots, fine lines, and collagen loss. There are a few crucial steps to protect yourself from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays and reverse signs of sun damage known as photoaging.

No matter your age or season, it is vital to follow these tips to fight off sun damage.

The Suns Harmful Rays

Harmful rays cause hyperpigmentation and make existing hyperpigmentation caused by acne scarring even worse. The solar radiation that reaches the earth is up to 95% UVA and about 5% UVB.


A broad-spectrum sunscreen is needed every single day to block out both ray types. With tons of sunscreens on the market today, it is essential to read the labels. Make sure you’re choosing a high SPF (sun protection factor) and a broad-spectrum product every day, even if you plan to stay indoors. Be sure to use at least 30 SPF and apply at least 1/4 teaspoon to your face to ensure you are getting the proper protection. The light coming through windows, and even phones that emit blue light, can damage the skin over time. The first line of defense against skin aging will consistently be applying proper sunscreen.

There are a wide amount of skincare products on the market aimed at lessening hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. Some of the ingredients featured, which aim at diminishing dark spots, can also make the skin more sensitive to the sun. It’s important to be extra vigilant with sunscreen and protection while using these products. Cover up with clothing, hats, and sunglasses, as well as applying great sunscreen. If you use skincare products to lighten your dark spots but don’t protect yourself from the sun, your hyperpigmentation will only get worse.

Hyperpigmentation, Exfoliatiation

Some popular ingredients found in skincare aimed to correct hyperpigmentation and fine lines on the skin are retinol, beta-hydroxy acids, alpha-hydroxy acids, and vitamin C. Removing unwanted pigment from the skin takes work and time. It is best to start a routine at a young age because damage builds up. Regular exfoliation is needed to encourage cell turnover and diminish fine lines.

Additional Options

It is best to consult a dermatologist to determine which over-the-counter or professional products will work best for your skin type. A dermatologist may also recommend other options such as micro-needling, microdermabrasion, lasering, or an acid peel. Commitment to a skincare routine with powerful active ingredients is crucial to reverse sun damage.

Prevent Sun Damage

Overall, when it comes to sun damage, prevention is key! Nothing can replace a healthy amount of good sunscreen applied to the face, neck, and hands at the very least. The skin care industry offers many products that can also help reverse the nasty damage the sun can do to the skin. Find which products work best for your skin, use them routinely, and protect your skin!

Now That You Know How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

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