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5 Best Tips to Stay Healthy All Summer Long

Stay Healthy All Summer Long

As the summer sets in, the outside festivities begin. Family and friend barbeques, road trips to the beach and lake and other fun activities will mark the calendar. As the hustle and bustle of enjoyment continue throughout the summer, one must never forget health and well-being.

We provide a few tips to help you stay healthy all summer long.

Drink Plenty of Water

Many of us drink plenty of water but also, but many of us do not. We must all never forget its importance. It sounds easy to remember, but during a busy day, especially when the temperature is hot, it’s pretty to forget its value. Even if you are surrounded by a beautiful swimming pool with lots of water, you must also know you must still drink it, and plenty of it.

As you wake up, start with a full glass of water, and keep it available at all times during the day so you can continuously sip it. 

Bottled water should be readily accessible; however, plastic is unsuitable for heat. They are made from polyethylene terephthalate, and when heated, the plastic releases the chemicals bisphenol and antimony, also known as BPA. So instead, use a reusable (preferably temperature-controlled) version instead of plastic.

Always speak with a medical professional to know how much water is best for you to consume daily. Generally, a person should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Just remember the 8×8 rule. If you are spending more time outside, in the hot sun, or exercising, ensure you drink lots.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Do you have a swimming pool? If so, great, and if not, heading on over to your town pool can be a good other option. Swimming is a fantastic activity for all ages for many different reasons. It has so many health benefits. Exercise of great for the waistline as the overall physical activity is great for the mind. This form of activity can relieve stress and improve short-term memory and concentration. If you can aim to get two hours or more in the pool swimming per week, that is a great start and build from there.


As we have already mentioned and many of you agree, Summer is a time for total enjoyment with parties and travels. However, never forget to set some quality relaxing time aside for yourself to unwind.

As you head out to swim laps and exercise in your backyard pool, remember to take some time to chill and relax. Hang at the end and gaze across the beautiful water and out to the backyard scenery. Staring into the horizon is a fabulous experience if you have an infinity pool. In addition, you can grab a comfy float or lay on your favorite lounge chair alongside the pool.

If you have a water feature, turn it on so you can watch and hear the sounds of the trickling water. Incorporating these ideas is phenomenal for your overall mental health.

But remember to breathe and relax the mind and body while rejuvenating your spirit.

If you need another way to relax, try our favorites:

    • Practice pool-side meditation
    • Read the paper, magazine or new book
    • Unplug from your phone
    • Listen to the scene sounds of nature
    • Stretch or do pool-size yoga

Eat Healthy and Delicious Seasonal Food

Many of us put our kitchen to work during the winter holidays by making the best winter holiday meals. So, the same applies to the summer. However, it may be outside instead of inside and with quite a different variety of foods. 

During the summer, it’s time to explore and eat the best seasonal fruit and veggies. Adding these in-season foods to your diet will help to keep your vitamin and mineral intake intact. 

It can be time to explore and find a new favorite. Visit your local grocery stores, outdoor market and farmer’s markets for something new, interesting, refreshing and delicious.

Have them ready and available to enjoy when entertaining or relaxing poolside. 

Build a Pool In Your Backyard

So there you have it. Lots of ways to stay healthy all summer long.

Now, do you need a new custom inground swimming pool for the ultimate experience? Precision Pools & Spas can help you achieve that. Contact us here to discuss our pool services and what we can do for you. 

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