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Simple Ways to Save on Pool Costs

Are You Looking For Ways To Save on Pool Costs?

It is no secret … pools costs can add up. There are lots of expenses involved. You have routine maintenance, chemicals, and, unfortunately, repairs. However, there are some ways to save on pool costs. Let us help you keep pool costs minimal and without much effort.

Here is a list of our favorite ways to save on pool costs.

Save on Pool Costs

Run your pool’s filter during non-peak hours.

This can help you save big on the electric bill. For most places, that is 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., but check with your electric company to be sure. Running your pool filter during non-peak hours can save you big time.

Buy chemicals in bulk.

As long as you store your pool chemicals properly, they will last for quite a while. Many great online shops offer discount prices. You can also shop locally at the end of the summer. Pool supplies will be greatly discounted and you can save hundreds. Just make sure to keep chemicals in a dry, cool environment. Stay away from places that are too hot or humid or freezing temps.

Take care of your pool accessories.

Properly store pool toys and they can be used for several years. Ensure they are completely dry and stored in an area that will not expose them to direct sunlight, mice, mildew or sharp objects. During the off-season, keep your pool tools and furniture inside.

It might be a good idea to invest in a storage shed. Otherwise, find a dry, relatively temperature-controlled area in your home, basement or garbage. Too hot or too cold of temps can also damage these items.

Check and clean your pool yourself.

Some people opt to have someone clean and service their pool. However, you can save if you yourself. Make sure you vacuum regularly using a high-quality pool vacuum. Make sure also to clean your cover and keep it free of debris to keep it from decomposing and cracking.

And for best results, routinely check your pool for leaks or damage. Regularly perform routine maintenance to catch little things before they become big problems. If you’re skilled, you can fix small problems yourself. However, even if you catch a problem and hire a professional, catching the problem early can save dollars.

Choose pool accessories wisely.

There are lots of ways to save costs on things related to your pool, as well. Along with chemicals, you can also buy other accessories off-season or at the end of the season. Look for deals on furniture, pool toys and pool equipment.

You may also want to scope out a deal on LED lights. By switching pool lighting, patio lighting and storage area lights to LED, you save money on bulbs and the energy bill. You can also opt for solar-powered lights, which recharge during the day, or a solar-heated pool cover to warm the water.

Lastly, think about landscaping as well. Choose plants that do not lose copious amounts of leaves and will block the sun.

Start Today and Save on Pool Costs

While there’s no way to reduce pool costs to zero, there are lots of little things that you can do to cut expenses. Try using a few of our tips above and keep track of how much it saves you each year. We know that these things can pay off.

And while our team at Precision Pools & Spas can’t manage your expenses for you, we can help with other things like pool remodels, renovations, upgrading to water and fire features and how about extending your backyard space with a fantastic outdoor kitchen?. We want to make pool ownership a blast!

For Even More Savings

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