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How to Save Money on a New Swimming Pool

Install a New Inground Swimming Pool on a Budget

Let’s Help You Save Money on a New Swimming Pool

When you’re looking for a refreshing way of cooling off in the backyard, on a hot Texas day, a swimming pool is a fantastic way to do it. Alone it can be exciting to own and allow for relaxation and fun, all while creating new and everlasting memories.

Some homeowners are hesitant about investing in a pool because of the cost of the project, but there are ways to save more and still stay within your budget. Here are a few practical tips to follow to ensure you can get the swimming pool of your dreams without spending more than you have budgeted.

Skip the Extra Bells and Whistles 

It can be easy to get excited about the planning process when you’re preparing to build an inground pool, which causes many people to select different features to make the pool more fun, luxurious and attractive.

If you need to save money on a new swimming pool, avoid adding too many bells and whistles. These additional features will increase the cost of the pool project.

Take a deeper look at your lifestyle and budget. Many features appear fantastic but are unnecessary and do not stop you from enjoying a beautiful high-quality pool. For example, if you do not spend much time in the pool at night, color-changing lights can be omitted, even though they look amazing. Also, if you do not have children or young adults who will travel down the water slide within the waterfall, consider not adding it. Yes, a slide built into a waterfall does look fantastic, but it is not a necessity.

Do you have beautiful and luxurious landscaping in mind? That’s okay, but when on a budget, you can put it off to complete at a later date. As for decking, there are many different types and styles to choose from and all at different costs.

Consider the Size and Shape

Opting for a smaller pool vs. a larger one will reduce the cost of installation.

More people are choosing to build smaller pools, which has caused them to become a hotter trend than oversized pools. This also allows you to have extra space in the backyard for other activities with the grass and hardscaping that are available.

smaller pool will also reduce the maintenance costs each season, ensuring you will save more money over time. 

Shape matters. A pool with a rectangular shape will cost less than a kidney-shaped pool. 

Timing Is Vital

Scheduling your pool to be built in an off-season, generally can allow you to lock in at a lower cost.

Consider submitting your order with a contractor in the late fall and early winter to avoid the increase in prices from the suppliers in the spring. This will also allow you to have the time to plan the design of the inground pool and do your research instead of rushing the process.

Discovering different ways you can save on the cost of an inground pool can offer peace of mind and still allow you to own a high-quality pool that you will enjoy for years to come.

Save Money with Special Offerings

By hiring Precision Pools & Spas, we can help you stay within your budget without losing quality and enjoyment. Are you ready to show off an attractive pool that enhances the beauty and appeal of your property? 

Get in touch with us, but before you do, have you taken a look at our inground swimming pool specials? One may just be within your budget. Please know we also offer a variety of financing options.

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