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Safety First

Quick, do you remember the Boy Scouts’ motto? It’s “be prepared,” and it seems they were on the right track with this one like they know all about ‘safety first.’

Their ‘motto’ still stands true, especially when you’re enjoying your swimming pool. Having everything you might need in an emergency close at hand means all the difference when seconds count.

For pool owners, most of the time, it’s easy to come up with a checklist for good times in the pool. A flattering swimsuit, good friends, a warm towel and a cool drink are generally among the items you’ll include.

But what if things go wrong? Do you have the know-how and essentials close at hand to handle an emergency?

We can help with this handy list of poolside safety first essentials and tips.

  • Pick up a first-aid kit. It’s good for scratched knees and more severe injuries alike. Although a general kit will probably help you handle anything that comes your way, you can also find pool-specific kits. Throw in a pair of scissors in case hair or a swimsuit becomes stuck in the filter’s intake. The important thing is to make sure it is immediately accessible.
  • Invest in a swimming hook and keep it in plain view. This looped hook looks like an aluminum shepherd’s crook with a large curve – perfect for slipping around someone’s waist. It’s usually attached to a long pole. The hook is big enough to encircle a person in distress. It’s a lifesaver when you need to pull someone quickly out of the water. In addition,  it’s also easy for youngsters to grasp as you pull them to safety. Keep it handy, so you don’t have to rummage through a supply closet to find it.
  • Keep a flotation device handy. Again, it’s not something you want to be buried in an equipment chest. Make sure everyone knows what to do with it. Not only can a struggling swimmer grab it for support, but also rescuers can keep it in hand as they pull a swimmer to safety.
  • Learn CPR. Don’t forget the importance of being trained in the first-aid maneuvers that save lives, whether it’s dislodging a piece of hot dog or pumping air into water-laden lungs. Keeping Heimlich maneuver and CPR posters readily available can prevent a tragedy. Post in clear view the how-to diagram so others can deliver the life-saving procedure.
  • Have a cell phone dedicated to the pool area, always on a charger for emergency calls. Many discarded phones can still reach 911 when fully charged. Check with your provider for details. Tape your address and other pertinent information onto the back of the phone, too. Ensure even your youngest swimmers know how to make that call if needed.
  • Of course, the greatest course of action is prevention. Keep your pool area secure so children can’t wander in there alone. Set rules such as no diving and enforce them. Teach your little ones how to swim; even at the youngest ages, a familiarity with water prevents accidents. Install alarms and fences.

The key to immediate care is knowing what resources are available and where to find them. Don’t make people dig for a flotation device at the bottom of your pool toy box. Preventative measures such as alarms on your pool gate, going out the door, and signs that spell out pool rules go a long way toward keeping the good times rolling. Be safe and enjoy.

At Precision Pools & Spas, We Put Safety First!

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