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Pool Finishes That Will Elevate Your Pool To The Next Level

Swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the USA, so it’s no surprise that there are over 10 million swimming pools in the country. Apart from the recreational element, pools also have a certain worth as a status symbol and as an attractive addition to any backyard.

Pool Surface Finishes

The type of pool surface you choose can have a big effect on how luxurious your pool appears and how well it blends in with its surroundings. These are the modern-day options available to help ensure you have the best-looking pool in town. 

A Plaster Pool Surface

Plaster is a classic pool finish and one of the most popular types of pool finishes due to its affordability. The good news is that a plaster pool needn’t be boring and old-fashioned.

Nowadays, you can add colored pigments and dyes to your plaster surface finish to add drama and dimension to your pool. Medium grey creates an ocean blue effect, while darker colors give your pool greater reflection, like a pond.

Plaster is a good choice for pool surfacing as long as you’re precise with your pool care. When you keep the balance right with regard to the chemicals in your water, a plaster surface can last up to ten years. 

Aggregate Pool Finish Options

These new generation pool finishes are on the rise in backyards everywhere. There is a huge range of aggregate pool finish options available today. These include mixes of pigment plaster with glass, quartz, stones, ceramic-coated crystals or pebbles.

In addition, these can have either a polished or an exposed finish. These terms mean exactly what they seem to. Polished aggregates have a smooth shimmery appearance. Exposed finishes undergo an acid wash to reveal the stones underneath and create a rougher feel underfoot.

Aggregate pool finishes are extremely resistant to pool chemicals and while they cost more to install upfront, they last much longer than plaster finishes. Aggregate pool finishes have an exceptionally luxurious look and feel. 

Tile Finishes

Porcelain tile is the most expensive type of pool finish but is extremely durable and easy to repair if there’s a problem. It’s also the easiest to clean.

Many people choose to tile their entire pool. You can also tile only a strip the coping of your pool, which gives it an attractive edge and also prevents the appearance of visible stains from fluctuating water levels. 

There are almost no limits when it comes to design options and colors when you choose a tile finish. You can go all out with a sophisticated bling look or choose a refined muted tone for a naturally luxurious outcome.  

Make an Informed Decision

If you’re having trouble deciding on the best pool surface finishes to add that extra something to your pool, it’s time to bring in the experts.

With over four decades of combined industry knowledge, our team can help you decide on the best option for your Houston area home. Get in touch and let’s talk about your new pool or pool refurbishment. 

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