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Exciting Pool Fire Bowls with Water Feature

Pool Fire Bowls with Water Feature

You’re thinking of installing a new pool. You have seen water bowls but have you thought about pool fire bowls with water feature?

You’ve mapped out exactly how you want to decorate your backyard pool area including the deck or patio, but something seems to be missing. What is it?

The answer is pool fire bowls with water features.

They’re a great way to add finesse and flair to your outdoor living space. Stick around, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about taking your pool area to the next level. 

What Is a Pool Fire Bowl?

Pool fire bowls are structures made of either copper, stainless steel, or concrete. There are a variety of styles and colors you can choose from, especially if they’re concrete.

Concrete pool fire bowls have either a glossy or matte finish, while cooper finishes are hammered or smoothed. Stainless steel can only have a brushed finish.

On the inside, pool fire bowls will have either river rocks, lava stones, or fire glass over the burner. You can also choose pool fire bowls with water, a feature which we’ll discuss below.

No matter your preference, pool fire bowls are a great way to add finesse and flair to your outdoor living space. Just make sure you exercise fire safety when lighting your pool fire bowls.

Pool Fire Bowls with Water Feature

If you really want to go the extra mile, install pool fire bowls that have a waterfall feature. Keep in mind, though, that this type of fire bowl is concrete and weighs over 700 pounds.

To see some examples of pool fire bowls with a water feature, check out our gallery of photos.

How Do Fire and Water Bowls Work?

The way pool fire bowls work will depend on whether they’re gas or electric-powered. Gas-powered pool fire bowls are the most common.

Simply turn on the gas and use a lighter to ignite the fire, just as you would with a gas fireplace. This feature works because the fire bowl’s burner is connected to a fuel line underground.

Conversely, there are electric-powered pool fire bowls. The fire comes on with the touch of a button. This is the more expensive option because you will need to pay extra to have a power line installed.

Lastly, water and fire bowls have both a gas line and a water line. These lines are wired up through the bottom of the bowl. The water travels through the line and exits through the scupper, which creates the waterfall effect.

Water and fire bowls also have a burner pan, which is where the fire resides. If the fire bowl does not have a water feature, then the fire burns on top of fire glass or whichever other material you’ve chosen.

Can You Add a Fire Bowl to An Existing Pool?

You can add a fire bowl to an existing pool, but the process is quite arduous. You will need to pay for several rounds of installation, especially if the pool fire bowls have water features.

If your pool deck is concrete and has either a spray deck coating or an acrylic coating, your pool is a good candidate. Conditions are also ideal for paver stone decks.

Install Pool Fire Bowls Today

Anybody can step up their poolside game with the addition of pool fire bowls. There’s hardly any decoration more chic or stylish.

To get started, contact us today for an inground swimming pool quote.

We have two locations you can stop by and visit. One location is in Sugar Land TX and the other location is in Magnolia, TX.

But, before you leave this page make sure to check out our pool specials.

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