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Lightning only has to strike once to be dangerous

25606905 - lightning hitsYou might think this would be common sense to most swimming pool owners, but it bears repeating repeatedly. This time of the year, it’s good to remember the dangers that come with that staple of warm weather known as lightning. Spring and summer are gorgeous, no doubt. And all that beautiful weather means recently opened backyard pools are bustling with swimmers — but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security regarding the weather.

During spring, a storm producing thunder and lightning can pop up in mere minutes and catch swimmers off guard. This is where the danger starts.

To see the sheer power involved when a bolt of lightning strikes a swimming pool, check out this classic YouTube video. This video shows what it does to a piece of pool plumbing.

If you think lightning needs to strike a swimming pool directly to pose harm to swimmers, think again. Pools are connected above and below ground to underwater pipes, gas lines, electrical wires and other metallic networks. That’s a long way of saying that lightning can easily travel a vast distance to end up at a pool. And, if you’re in that pool, watch out. Swimming and lightning can quickly become a deadly combination.

This is so scary and deserving of our respect that even those swimming in indoor pools isn’t safe during a storm.

Because lightning-producing storms can be so quick-occurring, random and erratic, it’s imperative to be prepared and understand what you need to do when one occurs.

The National Lightning Safety Institute has a tremendous and potentially life-saving resource to enlighten pool owners. Visit their site for more tips on how to prevent a tragedy from happening during the next thunderstorm.

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