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Latest Swimming Pool Designs to Swim For

Swimming Pool Designs and Ideas

First, you get a swimming pool filled with beautiful crystal clear water; then you dive in it. That play on a famous rap line applies to your family’s next swimming pool. Pools are a fun, family-friendly venue.

When planning a pool for your family, you have a range of the latest swimming pool designs to consider. For a complete guide to ideas and your options, keep reading.

The Best and Latest Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Kidney-shaped Pool

Take a look at the classic kidney-shaped pool. It’s like a long oval, with an indentation on the side. It fits nicely in a backyard of any size.

The kidney-shaped pool has a natural look because it lacks a geometric pool’s crisp lines. It intuitively has shallow and deep ends. Compliment this design with greenery, shrubbery, and a spa in the indented area.

Free-form Pool

Or you can spice things up with a freeform pool. The shape of these pools varies. Freeform pools work well in both small and big backyards. In a smaller backyard, the pool can be in the form of a pond or a spa.

In larger backyards, the designer and pool owner have more room for being creative with the shape and placement. Freeform pools tend to be costlier, requiring shotcrete or gunite.

Free-form pools are beautiful when you want your backyard to have a natural and tropical feel. Add rocks and waterfalls with colorful plants, and you are on your way to your favorite resort, right in your very own backyard.

Diving Pool

Another good option for your family is a diving pool. These pools are about 8.5 feet deep with a platform or diving board. Only the highest skilled swimmers and divers should use these pools.

Or, lower-skilled swimmers can play in these pools with supervision. In any case, diving pools should be constructed to ANSI and NSPI standards.

More of The Latest Trends in Pool Design

Some pool designs can get quite creative.


The figure-8 shaped design, for example, is multi-use and excellent for families. These pools are that one end of the pool doesn’t have to mirror the other end perfectly.

Figure-8s clearly distinguish between the shallow and deep ends. Families with young children can enjoy the shallow end while noticing where the deep end starts. Indentations on either side work well for shrubbery.

Roman and Grecian

Next, we have Roman and Grecian pools. These are unique takes on rectangular pools. 

Grecian pools are octagons consisting of cut corners. Roman pools have rounded ends and stylized corners. Both kinds of pools look good with many homes, particularly Aegean or Tuscan homes.

Classy Perimeter Overflow

Finally, we have a classy perimeter overflow pool. Its shape doesn’t matter. These pools are known for the water level is the same as the top of the decking.

Combine that style with an infinity-edge pool for a beautiful result.

What do you think about these latest swimming pool designs? This is only the tip of the iceberg. Have we excited you? Are you ready to get more ideas?

Pool Parties

The latest swimming pool designs run the gamut. All designs, however, are appealing in their unique ways.

Your family’s swimming pool design can be a distinctive outlet for creative expression. The pool itself may be a home to family fun and unforgettable memories for generations to come.

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