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Is a Black Bottom Pool For You?

Black Bottom Pool, Is It For You?

Did you know that there are more than 10 million residential swimming pools in the U.S. alone? With numbers like that, it isn’t surprising that new trends are emerging and becoming popular. One such trend is the black bottom swimming pool.

Read on to learn more about black swimming pools and why you should consider getting one. 

What Is the Purpose of a Black Bottom Pool? 

Black bottom pools are ideal if you want to heat your pool naturally. Compared to other types of pool bottoms, black swimming pools attract and trap more heat. This can save the energy that would be used to heat the pool.

Why Are Black Bottom Pools Popular?

While black swimming pools aren’t new, their popularity is increasing. In addition to being energy efficient, they offer an aesthetic that some people prefer. Through the construction materials and options like lighting, prospective owners can choose how dark they want to make the pool. 

What Considerations Are There With Black Swimming Pools? 

Black swimming pools do not require any additional maintenance than other pool types but regular upkeep is essential. If you are considering selling in the near future, you may check with a realtor to see if a black swimming pool could affect the resale value. While black-bottomed pools are growing in popularity, they are not as popular as white or blue bottoms.

What Affects the Cost of A Black Swimming Pool?

The major factor for cost is the construction materials, where you have several options to choose from. Similar to other colors, you can opt for concrete plaster. This is an affordable option and the surface of the pool shades are limited. You can also consider black tiles for the walls and coping where the shapes, sizes and styles are mostly endless as well.

The most expensive option is using fiberglass, which can also be the darkest if that is a priority. The last option is using a vinyl liner. This is the cheapest option but it is also the least durable and will need replacements. 

Always Keep Safety In Mind

Any outdoor pool needs to have the proper safety precautions taken. With black-bottomed pools, there exists the risk that the pool could appear deeper than it really is. It might be worthwhile to invest in signage that gives the depth.

The other safety precautions would apply to any pool, regardless of bottom color. These include:

Pool Hook

This long, hook-shaped device is used to grab a person in distress. The benefit is that you can secure them while you remain out of the pool. 

Flotation Device

Similar to the pool hook, a flotation device provides security to a drowning person. These are typically made of durable styrofoam and can be tossed or held in the hand of the rescuer. 

First Aid Kit 

Having a first aid kit near a pool is smart. This kit should have all the regular items, including band-aids, gauze, and wipes. 

What Other Considerations Are There For Pool Installations? 

A pool is a major investment. While adding one can increase the value of your home and provide entertainment, you need to consider everything involved. This includes:

  • Choosing in-ground or above ground
  • Local weather
  • Pool shape
  • Insurance adjustment

Are You Ready For a Black Swimming Pool? 

Now that you know about black swimming pools, are you ready to make your move? There are considerations, some are unique to black pools, and some apply to all types. Contact Precision Pools and Spas in Texas to learn more about our custom inground swimming pools and for all your pool installation needs. 

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