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Inground Swimming Pool Options

Understanding Your Inground Swimming Pool Options

What do you like to do on hot Texas summer days? Do you want to stay inside in the cool air of your home? How about a trip for ice cream? Or, maybe you enjoy jumping into the cool waters of a swimming pool.

If you’ve ever packed up your things and your children to take them to a community pool, you’ve probably been envious of homeowners with their pools. After all, who wouldn’t love the comfort of their own private pool?

You may have thought about having a new custom pool installed but don’t know where to begin. To help you get started, keep reading to learn about the different types of inground pools and your inground swimming pool options.

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass vs. Gunite (Concrete)

First, let us start by giving you a quick rundown on the three types of inground pools.

Fiberglass pools of the past had limited shapes and sizes; however, fiberglass pool companies have expanded upon this. These pools are molded then installed in one piece in your backyard. They are durable and can be installed quickly, but the homeowner is limited as to the versatility in design, size, shape, and the added features available.

Vinyl Liner Pools are popular in the Northeast, where the weather changes due to the seasons. When the severe cold sets in, a vinyl liner pool will not crack. The cons of vinyl liner pools are flexibility. The design options, sizes, and shapes are limited as well as the benefit of adding additional features.

Gunite Pools also called concrete pools, are the top choice for many homeowners. They offer durability, beauty, and versatility. They can be built in any shape and size and can match all home decor. These pools are built with a rebar framework, which gives them durability. The designs can be endless, with an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes. A wide array of finishes can be added to blend beautifully with the home’s decor and outdoor living space. Flexibility is the key when constructing a gunite (concrete) pool. They can be customized and have added features such as built-in waterfalls, bars, seating, custom steps, and so much more.

Styles, Shapes, and Sizes of Gunite Inground Pools

At Precision Pools & Spas we specialize in gunite pools. Below, we would like to delve further into this type of pool by explaining your options regarding styles, shapes, and sizes

Geometric Pools

If you are looking for a contemporary or formal look, you may want to consider a geometric style pool. Rectangles, ovals, and squares are the most commons shapes and feature straight lines and sharp edges.

Geometric pools are easier to build and are typically cheaper than their rivals, which we will show you below. If you have an outdoor living space that is square or rectangular, this is a perfect choice.

If you want a pool for physical fitness, this is an excellent option because it is perfect for swimming laps.

Freeform Pools

Freeform pools feature a design with curves. Their free-flowing design allows for a wide array of customization options. They are also perfect for small spaces.

This type of pool can be created to provide for a natural look. With this in mind, you can customize your decor to give it the appearance of a lagoon or a lake and have it tie into your nature-oriented backyard landscape. This type of pool allows for a more relaxed atmosphere because there are no straight lines or defined hard angles. Incorporating rock waterfalls and stone decking will add the perfect touch.

Freeform pools are typically more expensive than geometric pools. But, do not let this stop you from getting the right pool for you. At Precision Pools & Spas, we offer a variety of pool financing options.

Vanishing-Edge Pools

Vanishing-edge pools, commonly known as infinity pools, zero edge, and negative edge, are visually appealing to the eye. They are stunning and provide a grand illusion that they vanish on the edge and fall into the landscape, horizon, and sky beyond. If your backyard faces a body of water, a beautiful landscape, hills, and mountains, this type of pool will genuinely put you in paradise.

Vanishing-edge pools require significant structural, architectural, and mechanical work. They are also some of the most expensive pools on the market.  

Cocktail Pools

Cocktail Pools, otherwise referred to as spools or compact pools, are perfect for small spaces. To explain better terms, a cocktail pool is a basic, small, compact pool that combines a pool and a spa. The size is usually no larger than 400 square feet. For a homeowner who has limited space, this is perfect. A great benefit is that they can incorporate benches and jets and be heated like a spa, which can extend your swimming season. Learn more about the different types of small pools for small yards here.

Learn More About Your Inground Swimming Pool Options

If the thought of adding a new custom pool to your backyard living space and any of these inground swimming pool options excite you, contact Precision Pools & Spas. We have over forty years of experience installing many different types of inground swimming pools. As your pool builder, we will provide quality service and ensure you and your family get a pool you will all enjoy and love for a very long time.

Our team of professional pool designers, builders, and customer service are happy to provide inground swimming pool options to the residents of the counties listed below. (but please note, if you are out of these areas, do not hesitate to contact us. We will let you know if we can provide our services for you.)

Houston, Trinity, Polk, Hardin, Jefferson, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Matagorda, Jackson, Wharton, Fort Bend, Austin, Colorado, Waller, Washington, Brazos, Grimes, San Jacinto, Madison, Leon and beyond.

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