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8 Ideas For The Perfect Backyard Staycation

Backyard Staycation

A backyard staycation is a popular vacation trend. However, you can do many things to make sure you have a great vacation without leaving your house.

There are many reasons people have a hard time taking vacations. Work or home life might be busy. You might not be able to afford the vacation you want. Travel restrictions might also get in your way. Nevertheless, with some planning, you can treat yourself to a staycation to unwind and have fun.

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a vacation where you stay at home instead of leaving your local area. Many people enjoy this vacation trend, as they can relax and have fun without the stress of planning a full-blown vacation.

8 Ideas For The Perfect Backyard Staycation, Let’s Gets Started

Put Your Devices Away

When your staycation starts, put your devices away. Stay away from the apps and social media platforms that usually take up your time. You can even set an “Out of Office” message for your email. Get into the mindset that you are not at home. Instead, you are on vacation in your beautiful backyard.

Consider a Spa Day

A spa day is an excellent idea for the first day of your staycation. You are most likely worn down by work and other issues, so why not recharge yourself? You want to feel your very best for the rest of your time on vacation. But, how can you do that? Contact Precision Swimming Pools in Texas to learn about our custom inground pools and spas. Don’t you think this is a great idea? If not just now, you will after you speak with a Precision Swimming Pools contractor.

Water and Cut Fruit Can be Very Relaxing

Think about getting some pitchers and filling them with water and cutting fruit like watermelon or citrus fruit. It is likely something you do not do for yourself when not on vacation, so treat yourself. It’s a refreshing drink to enjoy while you are relaxing in the hot sun in your backyard.

Pick Out an Outstanding Book

Reading a great book while on vacation is enjoyed by many. So why not enjoy the same activity on your staycation? Get the book you have been longing to read and find a nice quiet place to unwind and read it. Reading a book you’ve had your eye on is a fantastic way to enjoy some time while on your backyard staycation.

Have a Themed Dinner and a Movie Night

A very creative way to spend an evening on a staycation would be a themed dinner and a movie night. For instance, some type of delicious pasta dish while watching the GodFather or pizza while watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It would make for a fun and memorable evening.

Plan a Picnic and Camping Trip To Your Backyard

Gather the kids, your spouse or great friends and plan a picnic with camping right in your backyard. Grab some cozy blankets, sleeping bags, put up the tent, add the candles and voila! Find a video on YouTube that has a campfire or other nature-related sights and sounds that would add to the atmosphere. And even better yet, with that inground custom pool, turn on the lights and get the waterfall flowing.

Find a Cool Craft to Make

For those who love to craft, this is perfect. It could be something you have put off because of other commitments or something completely new. That way, you can enjoy the creative process and have a cool, completed craft to show off when you finish.

Set Your Coffee Up The Night Before

If your coffee maker can set a timer, do so. That way, your coffee is ready when you wake up. It can be a relaxing feeling to just pour a cup of coffee to enjoy in the morning. Not having to make a pot of coffee while you are still sleepy can be a pleasant change of pace. And now with the new smart technology, it can be that much easier to get that coffee to start heating up and ready for you to sip and enjoy by the pool and other areas of your backyard.

The Backyard Staycation Trend

The trend of staycation is growing in popularity with many. It’s simpler and without the hassle of traveling, making reservations and more. And since the COVID pandemic began, homeowners have continued to build their backyard poolscape staycations by the droves.

So add a staycation to your bucket list and not just one. With a custom inground swimming pool, a spa, a book, fruit, cup of coffee, a tent and family or friends, you can make this backyard staycation a tradition every year.

Are you interested in building a custom inground swimming pool to start planning your staycations? Then, get in touch with Precision Swimming Pools to get started.

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