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Decorative Swimming Pool Mosaics

Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles, Decorative Pool Tile Accents

There are 10.4 million private swimming pools in the United States alone.  

While most are probably great for a refreshing dip, not all of them make a statement. 

If you want your pool to feel luxurious and be the center of any outdoor gathering, you’ve come to the right place. Below we list some of the best swimming pool mosaics and an installation provider so your pool stands out amongst the rest. 

Pool Mosaic Designs


Who doesn’t want to swim alongside a family of turtles? This design mimics the bustling ocean floor and gives your pool a sense of movement. It’s perfect for reptile enthusiasts or anyone who loves marine life. 


For those who adore nature, a flower is the perfect mosaic pattern. This design can bring a bright pop of color to your pool without being overstated. To make it personal, choose your favorite flower or a species that is indigenous to your area.  


If you like a little magic in your life, this one is for you. This mosaic will make you feel like a kid again, playing in the water with a beautiful mermaid. It’s a great design for families with young children or those who want their pool to have a little extra charm. 


This design brings the ocean right to your backyard, making it feel as though you are swimming with the dolphins. This mosaic looks especially beautiful at the bottom of a pool or around the trim for a playful yet exquisite appearance. 

Custom Mosaics 

Pool mosaic tiles can truly be made into anything and a more abstract pattern can make your space feel like a spa. For an elegant and timeless look, swirls and diamonds are ideal. And if you want a simpler look, a mix of multi-colored tiles is always a winner. 

If you have a specific pattern in mind, this will allow you to see your vision through. And if the design isn’t your forte, we can help you create the perfect mosaic pattern! 

Swimming Pool Mosaics Installation

There are two types of tiles to choose from; ceramic and glass. Both are incredible to look at, so it’s about knowing which one suits your design best. 

The installation process has 6 steps; picking out the correct tiles, washing the area, waterproofing the area, applying the mortar or adhesive, laying the tile, and applying the grout. It is also important to note that laying the tile may require some cutting to ensure that each piece fits correctly. However, even though this may sound easy, as a homeowner, I am sure you are not going to tackle this task. This is a job for your pool builder, whether you are building a new custom pool or renovating an existing one.

So now you think that it looks somewhat easy to create, but not by you. When installing mosaics, to ensure high-quality and long-lasting beauty, it is critical to hire an experienced pool professional.

Let’s Get Creative With Your Swimming Pool Mosaics

Now that you know a few of the best swimming pool mosaic designs and a bit about the installation, you can now turn your swimming pool into a stunning oasis with character. 

Precision Pools & Spas are highly experienced and knowledgeable in designing and installing swimming pool mosaics.

If you are residing in Texas, click here to set up a FREE consultation to discuss building your new custom pool or remodeling an existing one. Our team of creative pool designers who have an incredible eye for mosaics is ready to start creating for you.

Below we list a few of the Texas Counties we design, construct and remodel pools in, but certainly not limited to.

Houston, Trinity, Polk, Hardin, Jefferson, Wharton, Fort Bend, Austin, Colorado, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Matagorda, Jackson, Waller, Washington, Brazos, Madison, Grimes, San Jacinto, Leon and beyond.

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