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Creative Fire Feature Ideas Poolside

Fire Feature Ideas To Enjoy Poolside

If you’ve lived in Texas, the Houston, TX area and beyond for a while, you know how hot and humid the weather can get during the summer months. However, it can also get cool during summer, especially at night. A fire feature may be just what you need.

First, let’s ask, “Do you have a pool in your backyard?” If so, great! So, you already have your little oasis. Is it still bland? Is the ambiance quite not want to want, especially at night? Do you enjoy entertaining, playing music, and dancing by the pool?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we have an additional feature that can take your backyard from bland to beautiful, exotic and fun, from music and dancing to sitting by the fire and perhaps eating the good old-time fire pit favorite s’mores.

Here we offer a few ideas to give your backyard poolscape the boost it needs.


The history of the fireplace is unknown. However, we know they have been used for thousands of years, beginning during the stone age. And since people have built them in caves, castles, inside homes and now the outdoors. Fireplaces have long come from the first wood-burning ones made in-ground in the center of a dwelling or hut.

Today the fireplace has become a staple in many backyard environments. The materials used range from bricks and stone to granite and marble on the mantles. The options are literally endless.

Fireplaces extend and enhance your outdoor spaces and experiences. They generate warmth during colder nights and add a beautiful ambiance for a fantastic focal point.

Creative Fire Feature Ideas Poolside, fireplace

Fire Bowls

Have you seen a fire bowl? They are new and snowballing in popularity. Typically fire bowls are standalone features and can be placed anywhere; on a table in an outdoor kitchen, on the ledge of a pool within a landscape and more.

The fire bowls of today typically use tiny hard rocks such as slate, granite and marble. They offer an excellent backdrop for any pool and outdoor living space. They can be customized in any shape, size and color to match a home style.

Creative Fire Feature Ideas Poolside, fire bowl

Fire Pits

Are you a camper? If so, you know how fun sitting by the fire can be. Those hand-made fire pits next to your tent on a chilly night are fabulous. So what’s better than sitting by the campfire and perhaps chanting your favorite songs with family and friends?

Do you want to consider yourself a camper in your backyard? Well, without the tent. Creating a customized fire pit allows you to enjoy the same fun campers do. So invite your family and friends and start enjoying the warmth, ambiance, and maybe some good tune and do not forget the s’mores.

A fire pit can be built both inground and above ground with seating around it. Like fireplaces and bowls, they can be customized in their size, shape and materials used.

Creative Fire Feature Ideas Poolside

Fire Tables

Fire tables are a new hot trend in the backyards of this decade. They are pretty much the same as a fire pit that can be customized entirely; however, they are built in a more modern, architectural statement form and considered a part of the outdoor furniture, whereas fire pits can be built within the ground.

No wood is used to burn with these tables, making for a cleaner with fewer hassles wood-burning fire.

Creative Fire Feature Ideas Poolside, fire tables

Are You Ready To Turn Your Backyard From Bland To Fabulous?

Contact Precision Pools and Spas for all of your pool and backyard outdoor living needs. We look forward to speaking with you and turning your backyard from bland to fabulous with added warmth and ambiance.

Let us create the perfect fire feature for your Texas backyard. We build in the counties of Montgomery, Harris, Houston, Trinity, Polk, Hardin, Jefferson, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Austin, Wharton, Waller, Grimes, Brazos, Washington, Walker, Texas and beyond.

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