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What Is The Cheapest Way To Get an Inground Pool?

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get an Inground Pool?

If you are wondering, “what is the cheapest way to get an inground pool,” you have landed at the right place.

This article will discuss the best ways and inground pool specials that can be a big help as well.

Size Matters

First, let’s talk about size; yes, size is a determining factor. Of course, a larger pool is going to be more expensive. Have you ever heard of plunge pools? They are small pools that can be shallow but are generally deep enough to enjoy the benefits one achieves from a larger pool. They are not big enough to swim laps; however, they are a fantastic choice for fitness and water aerobics because of their depth.

Plunge pools have been a popular choice amongst homeowners in Australia and Europe and are now growing in popularity in the United States. Because of their small size, they can accommodate smaller spaces and are less expensive, meeting the demands of lower budgets.

Their size and shape can vary. The typical size is around 8×8 feet to 8×16 feet. Because they are small, they are generally rectangular, which allows for the most usable space.

Does Shape Matter?

A standard geometric inground swimming pool can carry a higher price tag than a free-form shaped pool. This is due to their increased perimeter footage.

As the shape of the pool will determine the overall cost, so will the shape and layout of the property. For example, an area with easier access and excavation will bring the price down vs. a site that is harder to access and excavate.

What Do Those Added Features Do?

Special features like an attached spa, waterfall, diving boards and more will add thousands of dollars to the pool’s price tag and installation cost. The additional costs will depend on the type and extent of the added features.

How About Inground Swimming Pool Deals

Searching for pool deals is a perfect way to save, stick within your budget and get the pool of your dreams. It can undoubtedly be the cheapest way to get an inground pool without sacrificing size and shape.

At Precision Pools and Spas, we offer a variety of inground swimming pool specials that can accommodate individuals’ needs and desires. You no longer have to settle for a rectangular-shaped pool as we have a free-form pool with a low price tag.

In fact, our lowest cost San Jacinto pool package is a free-form pool that comes with a built-in cove to sit back, relax, unwind and socialize with your favorite cocktail. There is also a shallow end with bubbling bubblers that provides for a relaxing sound and great ambiance. Does this sound like the cheapest way to get an inground pool to you? It definitely can be, especially if you qualify for the fantastic low monthly payment.

Now, the best inground swimming pool deals do not stop there. Our Texan pool package is also a free-form shaped pool, but instead of the built-in cove, it comes with a built-in spa and the bubblers; well, you still get to enjoy them.

Still not convinced? Perhaps you want to keep with the geometric-shaped pool but are afraid of the higher cost. Do not worry; our Houstonian geometric pool package comes at the exact cost as our free-form Texan pool package. It has all the same features, the spa and the bubblers; only one difference is its rectangular shape vs. a free-form.

So, There You Have It, Folks!

Is it going to be a plunge pool or one of our incredible inground swimming pool package deals? Contact Precision Pools and Spas, Texas, for more information and to set up a FREE consultation. If your budget allows and you do not want a plunge pool or one of our special pool packages, no worries, we can design a unique and incredible pool to meet all of your needs. And we can assure you that no matter what you decide, you will undoubtedly be the envy the neighborhood.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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