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Best In Pools – Summer Savings!

Best In Pools – Summer Savings!: Precision Pools & Spas

This week was a scorcher! The highest temperature was almost 99°F.

The upcoming week won’t be that much cooler either. Unfortunately, you’ll have to endure this signature Texas heat for at least four more months.

No doubt, relaxing in the cool water of your pool probably crossed your mind. But the reality of the cost of installing one probably made the thought quickly fade. But what if you could have one installed at an affordable low price?

You can! Enjoy huge and incredible summer savings, lock in last year’s pricing and pay as low as $300 per month to build the pool of your dreams. Continue reading to see how your dreams can become a reality.

Cost of Inground Pools

The cost to install an in-ground pool can vary. It can start at as low as $35,000 to as high as $100,000. If you’re making such a huge investment, you’ll one to get the best.

Concrete is a more popular choice because it’s one of the more durable types of in-ground pools. Many pool companies use a specialty concrete called gunite. This helps your pool last longer and allows you to customize it to suit your needs.

The material facilitates the versatility of creating any shape. This allows you to choose from a variety of in-ground pool designs.

Enjoy Summer Savings

You don’t have to forego installing a pool for yet another summer. Precision Pools & Spas has one of Houston’s biggest summer pool sales this year. It will allow you to get a high-quality pool at an unbelievably low price.

Your pool can be even more affordable if you choose to finance at our competitive low-interest rates. Select any three of our designs:

  • The Houstonian geometric pool and spa
  • The Texan freeform pool and spa
  • The San Jacinto cocktail cove pool

Any one of these three designs is sure to beautify your home. Simply choose the one most suitable for your backyard. We can provide you with a free virtual consultation to guide you. If these are not suitable for your backyard or lifestyle, do not worry, we can custom design an inground swimming pool in any shape and size.

In-ground Pool Installation

It takes about eight to 12 weeks to have a pool installed. The timeline may vary depending on your backyard and pool design.

Precision Pools & Spas uses a detailed construction process. After an in-depth consultation, we’ll map out the layout of your pool. The project’s next phase will only begin upon approval of the layout and design.

The construction will start with excavation along with the installation of form boards. These boards mimic the layout of your pool. 

We’ll then set up the pool equipment, which includes installing the plumbing. The gunite is then applied and is probably the longest part of the process. But it’s the part that allows you to get a pool built to your specifications.

Completion of the process involves electrical work, tiling, and the interior finish. Decking enhances the area around your pool. Once it’s done, you can start cooling down during the summer heat.

A Pool of Your Dreams at a Price You’ll Love

Texas cities rank with others around the country with the most residential pools. Others include Phoenix and Miami. They all have one thing in common. Hot summer temperatures.

Pools can help ease the heat. But even with this prospect, the cost may discourage you from installing one. But this no longer has to be an issue with Precision Pool & Spas summer savings.

You can finally get the pool of your dreams this year and enjoy a cool summer. Contact Precision Pools & Spas to learn more!

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