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5 Picturesque Pool Waterfall Ideas

Studies show that pool water features can make or break the value of your home.

A pool waterfall is a great choice for someone looking to add both aesthetic and practical value to their pool area. And with summer around the corner, homeowners are itching to get renovations done in time!

Below are some stunning and relaxing pool waterfall pool ideas to inspire you!

Incorporate Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese design concept. You strategically place items to enhance flow and create natural focal points.

In this case, you can use feng shui to let pool water features work for you.

Design your swimming pool waterfall so that it slopes toward the house and is proportionate to the surrounding space.

Long Rock Grotto

A long rock grotto accentuates any waterfall.

You can use the rock grotto to create a naturalistic waterfall, or smooth rock to create a rain curtain effect. The rock can also control how the waterfall sounds as it runs- you can create a rushing, roaring sound or a soft, streamlike sound.

A longer rock grotto can help your pool space flow nicely into the rest of your yard.

Large stones can make your waterfall appear as if you encountered it on a long hike in the jungle. Flat slats of rock can appeal to the woodsy look and still make you feel far away from the rest of the world.

Combine Natural Elements

Air, water, wind, and fire can come together to create a powerful visual.

Light fire lanterns around the corners of your pool. Place them so that the flickering light reflects off of your waterfall.

Place pool waterfall fountains at the center of your pool (away from other water features) for a calm area to float around and relax.

In some homes, a stone breezeway helps cool swimmers off on a hot day.

Place shady trees around your pool water features to create shade. You can choose palm trees if you want an exotic escape.

Place the trees far enough from the water feature that growing branches don’t obscure the flowing water.

Light Features

Light up your waterfall from underneath with outdoor lights. Consider warm lighting for a more subtle effect or multicolored lighting for an otherworldly feel.

Place lights around the inner rim of your pool with waterfall designs to make it feel larger than life.

If you want your pool water features to stand out, though, feel free to add more light to that focal point.

Add shimmering stones that will catch the artificial light and reflect it in all directions.

Jacuzzi Meets Waterfall

Turn your jacuzzi into the starting point for your waterfall!

Depending on how you treat your jacuzzi, you may want to create a small filtration system that serves as a small dam.

If you use natural cleaners in your jacuzzi, you can channel a tube or slide that lets water flow out into the pool area below.

You can choose a large or small tube. Narrow tubes should be placed closer to the water to avoid a plopping sound. Wider openings thin out the stream of water in the swimming pool waterfall.

Dive Into Renovations

The right water features will create a fun swimming experience for years to come. The above features are just some of the possibilities at your fingertips!

Contact us to discuss your custom pool waterfall and spa ideas. Let us help you bring pure relaxation right into your backyard!

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